Connor Baxter on Training, Drafting, Stroke & Paddles

SAN DIEGO, California - Just before the Battle of the Paddle 2012 Connor Baxter paid a visit to the Supconnect Headquarters to be a part of the Supconnect Live Show (previously called the Wake UP Sup Show).  Several topics were discussed but some of the most intriguing included Connor's perspective on training, drafting, the Connor Baxter "Choke Stroke" and blade size / paddle length. 

Cross Training:

When it comes to training Connor was asked if he does much cross training.  Some athletes do a variety of  sports and gym activity to stay in shape, however, Connor simply said that his life is cross training.  He likes to stay on the water as long as he can from sun up to sun down.  For him this is a formula that works right now.


Hosts Candice Appleby and Andre Niemeyer asked Connor what his opinion is on the tender topic of SUP drafting.  Connor said, "It's good and bad".  As he expounded further he explained that in his opinion there needs to be etiquette and organization.  He shared the idea that if people draft, they should pull their own weight and not take a long ride in someones wake without giving back to the person who pulled them.  Connor even went so far as to say that he might like to work with a team of racers who draft together, similar to what is seen in long distance bike races.

Connor Choke Stroke:

Later in the show Connor was asked to tell the audience how he actually executes a particular stroke which has become known to many SUPers as the "Connor Baxter Choke Stroke".  It is a short, high cadence stroke with the top hand positioned down on the paddle shaft so that the pointer and middle fingers are wrapped around the paddle shaft.  Some may find this awkward at first, but Connor said that he finds it great for race starts, finishes and buoy turns when he wants to move more quickly on the water.  He also shared that he tries to pump his board with this stroke and finds it very advantageous to use in strong headwinds. 

Shaft Length and Blade Size:

One more conversation from the guest appearance by Connor Baxter was about what size blade and paddle he uses.  Connor answered this very specifically and shared what he uses, which you can see and hear by watching the latter part of the video above, but one of the best tips of the day came when host Andre Niemeyer was able to establish from both Connor and Candice that generally speaking people should use shorter paddles and smaller blades with shorter race distances and that for longer races it is best to use longer paddles with bigger blades.

To learn more or hear the tips and information for yourself from Connor Baxter, watch the interview.


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Connor Baxter

Maui, Hawaii - Connor Baxter is a highly accomplished stand up paddle racer and is one of the best in the world. His unique paddling technique is now named after him – “The Connor Baxter Choke Stroke” and people worldwide have adapted to his style of paddling. Connor was born on the island of Maui and raised on the water. When competing in a race, chances are you will see Connor finish on the podium. 

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