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What Would You Like to Learn about Standup Paddle Boarding, concerning how-to and technique?


Andre Niemeyer, one of the Supconnecters around the world, cruises on a Suplove Adventurer.



Ask your "how to" stand up paddle board questions and we'll consult with the world's best stand up paddle boarders to help answer them. With the growth of the sport introducing many newbies to paddle boarding, we believe we can do a lot more to educate the public, increase water safety, and help people avoid injury while getting healthier and fitter through stand up paddling.·

We'll be rolling out a series of "how to" and technique articles in the following weeks, together with new webisodes featuring the world's highest profile SUP names, like Candice Appleby, Morgan Hoestery, Chuck Patterson, Krista Zur, and many others. They will be offering insights on multiple subjects, from equipment, technique, training and diet, as well as a host of other SUP-related topics. 

Feel free to post the questions below in the comment box and we'll do our best to answer them. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive updates on new tips, as well as signup to the Supconnect Tips newsletter. We appreciate your readership and look forward to working even better to serve you as you continue to embark on this stand up paddle board journey.



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