10 Ways to Get Into Shape for SUP Racing

Read below to discover the top 10 ways that elite stand up paddle racers cross train.

Eric Terrien of BIC SUP in a SUP Cross Training Video.


SAN DIEGO, California - Recently Supconnect asked many of the top SUP racers during live interviews in the Supconnect studio how they train and get in shape for the biggest races of the year.  While some indicated that they do very little cross training and spend the majority of their time paddling on the water, others said that they primarily do alternative exercise and only stand up paddle a couple days a week.  


It seems as though the formula for success can definitely vary and be individual but what does hold true for everyone is that they must work hard and absolutely be in great shape!  With that in mind here are the top 10 activities, other than Stand Up Paddling, that the elite athletes say they are doing to stay on top of their game. 

1. Running 

2. Swimming

3. Other types of paddling (canoe, kayak, prone)

4. Surfing

5. Biking

6. Yoga

7. Weight Lifting

8. Free Diving

9. Insanity and or P90X

10. Cardio Circuit Training


The video above shows some of these activities in action as Eric Terrien of France shared some of his training and workout repertoire.  Keeping motivation high and continuing to have fun keeps athletes fresh and excited which can also be a key component to staying healthy and performing well during competition.  


What's your personal stand up paddle training / workout plan?  What can you add to the list above of great SUP cross training activities?



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