Benefits of Storing Gear In A Safe Place

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Let's face it. Buying a paddle board is an investment and one that is worth protecting. Nothing is worse than getting your new board and then dropping the ball on taking care of it. One way to protect your investment is to store your gear in a safe place. Here's why:

1. Board lasts longer

When storing your gear in a safe place like your garage, shed or other it keeps the board out of the sun, therefore helping the board to last longer. Leaving your board outside where the sun and other elements can reach it can cause the board to deteriorate and become more easily damaged.

2. Eliminates chance of theft

When paddle boards or other gear is stored away from prying eyes, there's less likely of a chance someone will take it. For example, if you have your board locked away in your garage, it's likely much safer than having your boards outside on a board rack where people can see your gear. Paddleboards are a hot commodity and something thieves would gladly take. This is why storing your gear in a safe place is something to make sure you do.

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Tools to help store your gear safely

If you want to take your gear storage to the next level here are some items that can help maximize your space and protection of gear.

Board Racks

Oahu Duo White Background 2048x wall rack

Board racks can help organize your boards and maximize the storage space that you have. GrassRacks makes some pretty cool racks that do just the job and the best part is, they offer three different solutions for SUPs: vertical wall mount, free standing display and a horizontal wall mount.

Board Locks

store gear safe place lock

Ideally your standup paddle boards are stored in a locked room but if not, or if you want to take security to the next level, getting a board lock will help. Whether you get a simple security cable to wrap around your boards or something a little more secure like a fin box lock, locking up your boards is never a bad idea.

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