SUP Against Depression, The Journey Continues

Southern California Lifestyle SUP Athlete, Will Schmidt, has teamed up with Infinity SUP for his latest ocean challenge which is being called, "Stand Up Paddle Against Depression: The Journey Continues!"  Find out where he's going and how long it will take...

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Bucket List Item Evolves to Stand Up For Littles

Stand Up For Littles wants to bring more attention to "Big Brothers Big Sisters" Programs and hopes that others will become "Big Brothers" and "Big Sisters" so they can give their time and experience to inspire a child who just needs another person in their life."

Schmidt to Stand Up Paddle Against Depression

Schmidt is a former Marine and was a stinger missile gunner who fought in Afghanistan and Kosovo. So why is he paddling the approximate 40 miles solo (with an escort crew close by) from Catalina to Dana Point, California?

The Ion Downwind Xperience Waiting Period in On

The Ion Downwind Xperience waiting period in on for 10 top riders - all downwind addicts - who are in the south of France waiting for the perfect time to launch in March 2013.  Click "Read More" to watch the teaser video!

Super SUP Adventures from Argentina with Facundo

Argentinean waterman, Facundo Martin Diaz, set a new global record when for the first time in recorded history he crossed the Rio de la Plata River from Argentina to Uruguay on a stand up paddleboard.  It is the widest river in the world and links the two beautiful South American countries.

Paddling the Path of Ancestors - Voice of the Xingu

Almost two years ago at the end of September 2010, Alfredo Villas Boas, a stand up paddler who resides on Maui and works as a lifeguard, made a tremendous journey to the jungles of Brazil to retrace the path of his ancestors, bring awareness to the indigenous people who live there and help save the ecosystem.  Now there is a film that shows it all!

Trestles to TJ Paddle with Purpose

SUP Ambassador and former pro surfer Jodie Nelson, has generously supplied six 14' Surftech Bark Dominator Stand Up Paddle Boards and six Quickblade Paddles for the first Annual 70 mile paddle from Trestles to TJ.  Below the Surface and Paddle with Purpose, two non-profit organizations based in San Diego, CA and Orange County, CA are currently on the journey.

First Round Hong Kong Island by SUP

On Thu May 24th, Kevin Horgan a long distance Stand Up Paddler from Kauai, managed to complete the first circumnavigation of Hong Kong Island on a Starboard 14' Coast Runner, a distance of around 44km or 27.3miles in 8 hours and 7mins. Kevin left Shek O Main Beach at 7.53am and arrived back at 4.00pm. 

Robben Island SUP Mission

Have you paddled with sharks lately? Off the coast of South Africa lies the small, history-rich Robben Island. Surrounded by bone-chill waters patrolled by very large sharks, this isn't your everyday stand up paddle session.

Iceland SUP Adventure

In a country as raw and untamed as Iceland the sport of stand up paddling is as foreign as a palm tree. The Blueline Paddlesurf and Paddle Surf Hawaii teams explore Iceland with their boards and have video to prove it.

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