The KUZI Project Continues: Episode 3

PEMBA, Mozambique - Over the last few weeks we've been following the mini-documentary, starring Seth Warren and Kirk Hollis, who went on a self-propelled journey from Mozambique to Zanzibar. Last week we saw episode one, entitled "HAIR-FIRE, KNEE SURGERY AND DRUNK SUP PROMISES" - a fitting title for a crazy clip. This week the journey continues with a new installment, titled: GETTING PAST DEADLY PUNTA DIABLO, AFRICAN ADVENTURE UNDERWAY

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Jim Weir Goes Off the Beaten Track In Indonesia

SAN DIEGO, California - When it comes to travel destinations, Indonesia is right at the top of almost every list. To find out more about SUP surfing in Indonesia, we spoke with ULI's inventor/founder, Jim Weir, who just returned from a month on Indo's wild side.

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Fiery Action Featured In KUZI PROJECT Episode 1

PEMBA, Mozambique - Last week we aired the KUZI Project Teazer clip, which introduced viewers to the incredible journey that Seth Warren and Kirk Hollis took up the East Coast of Africa this year. EPIC TV have just released episode 1 of their 6 part-part mini-documentary series that follows this crazy duo 500 miles, from Mozambique to Zanzibar. It's titled: "HAIR-FIRE, KNEE SURGERY AND DRUNK SUP PROMISES". Watch and enjoy...

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The KUZI Project Launches On EpicTV

 PEMBA, Mozambique - In July this year, Seth Warren and Kirk Hollis took on a monumental, self-supported journey, up the East coast of Africa on SUP's and kiteboards. check out the trailer to their documentary, soon to be released on EpicTV.

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