The KUZI Project Continues: Episode 3

PEMBA, Mozambique - Over the last few weeks we've been following the mini-documentary, starring Seth Warren and Kirk Hollis, who went on a self-propelled journey from Mozambique to Zanzibar. Last week we saw episode one, entitled "HAIR-FIRE, KNEE SURGERY AND DRUNK SUP PROMISES" - a fitting title for a crazy clip. This week the journey continues with a new installment, titled: GETTING PAST DEADLY PUNTA DIABLO, AFRICAN ADVENTURE UNDERWAY

"Among the ENDLESS unknowns on this adventure, the ocean is the greatest threat. The Punta Diablo is a potentially dangerous threat that could seriously derail their progress on kiteboards and SUP... Luckily the team successfully make it past the deadly Punta Diablo straight, and they reach their island-hopping kitesurfing destination of the Quirimbas Archipleago in Mozambique. They find, to their delight, dozens of islands with pure kiteboarding and surfing potential. The adventure is finally underway! But where's the wind? Getting Past Deadly Punta Diablo, African Adventure Underway | KUZI Project, Ep. 3"


PLEASE NOTE: this clip contains some language and imagery that may offend sensitive viewers.

Watch the Teaser Episode

Watch Episode 1

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