75 mile Trestles to TJ Paddle Complete

 SAN DIEGO, California - At 12pm on Friday the 27th July 2012 a team of paddlers including founders of the Below the Surface Kristian Gustavson and Jared Criscuolo, Orange Country Surfer of the Year James Pribram and National Geographic Young Adventurer Shannon Switzer reached the Tijuana River after a 75 mile, 7-day Stand Up Paddle journey along the San Diego coastline. 

Trestles to TJ is the brainchild of two Californian non-profit organizations, Below the Surface and Paddle with Purpose, and began from San Mateo Creek last Saturday.

The international team went from San Mateo Creek to the Tijuana River, to draw attention to the impact of riverine water pollution on the coastline as well as officially launching the Riverview Mobile App which is part of Below the Surface’s Riverview Project, or “Google’s Streetview for Rivers.”

The Team Consisted Of:

Kristian Gustavson & Jared Criscuolo: Adventurers, Scientists and founders of Below the Surface, a non-profit organization dedicated to the exploration of and education about the issues surrounding water pollution and field testing economically feasible ways to recycle wastewater – www.belowthesurface.org

Jodie Nelson: Founder of Paddle with Purpose, empowering other non-profits and everyday people to raise awareness for worthy causes through the sport of Stand Up Paddling – www.paddlewithpurpose.com

Shannon Switzer: Photographer, conservationist and National Geographic Freshwater Hero – www.girlchasesglobe.com

Dave Cornthwaite: British Adventurer and Author, five-time world record-breaker who amongst other things has paddleboarded the length of the Mississippi River and skateboarded across Australia – www.davecornthwaite.com

James Pribram: Pro Surfer turned advocate for the ocean, James is founder of the Eco Warrior Project which aims to save our beaches – www.ecowarriorsurf.com

Lauren Peterson: Stand Up Paddle Yoga pioneer, founder of Namaste SUP and a physical education and dance teacher – www.namastesup.com

Noelle Kozac: Founder of SUPcore Academy, Noelle is passionate about encouraging the growth of Stand Up Paddling and turning the ocean into a gym -  www.supcoreacademy.com

Also joining the paddle were Brian Hess, Devin Chatterjee, pro snowboarder Chanelle Sladics and 2011 Outside Magazine Reader of the Year Ryan Levinson

Paddleboards and Equipment:

The Trestles to TJ team are riding Surftech Bark Dominator Stand Up Paddle Boards and with Quickblade Paddles, supplied through Paddle With Purpose 


“The Below the Surface team is an educated group of people working hard to not only raise awareness of the problems in our watersheds and oceans, but they are getting out there and offering up solutions! I am excited to see Trestles to TJ become a yearly pilgrimage as a celebration of our waterways.” – Jared Cuscuolo, founder of Below the Surface

“75 miles of Californian coastal paddling with a team like this and for such a worthwhile cause? Count me in, I’m flying from England…”- Dave Cornthwaite, British Author and Adventurer

"Stand up paddling is the perfect bridge to link our rivers to our oceans.  Below the Surface does a great job raising awareness for the conditions of our rivers and Stand Up Paddling is the perfect vehicle to help people understand what happens upstream effects us surfers downstream in the ocean.   Trestles if one of my favorite waves in the world and i'm am proud to say that the san mateo watershed is one of the cleanest in the area.   It is unfortunate that the Tijuana watershed is in really bad condition and is one of the dirtiest watersheds on the westcoast.   I'm delighted to be a part of the Trestles to Tj team and I'm excited to have Paddle With Purpose support such an amazing group of activists and athletes that that are passionate about getting out there and creating change and offering solutions!"-Jodie Nelson, Founder Paddle With Purpose 

About Below the Surface and Riverview:

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has worked closely with Below the Surface to develop the Riverview Mobile App, particularly to include information about the health of waterways. “EPA is excited to work with Below the Surface on this expedition and the technology for the Riverview Mobile App,” said Nancy Stoner, Acting Assistant Administrator for EPA’s Office of Water. “Empowering and engaging citizens is absolutely essential to clean water in this country, and the Riverview App is a fantastic tool for spurring grassroots stewardship of our rivers, lakes and coastal waters.” 

Contact Information:

For more information about the Trestles to TJ paddle, Riverview Mobile App or Below the Surface, please contact Jared Criscuolo at [email protected] or call 760-277-3505

Website: www.belowthesurface 

Facebook: explorebts

Twitter: @belowthesurface


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