Supconnect Asks: Are Celebs Good For SUP?

SAN DIEGO, California - Do celebrities increase the global appeal of stand up paddle boarding? Supconnect begs the question today, after some saucy photos of Rihanna blew up across social media platforms yesterday.

SAN DIEGO, California - When photos of Rihanna and reality TV celeb, Flavia Viana, blow up across social media networks, it takes stand up paddle boarding to a massive audience. It's not always the image of health and fitness we've come to expect from our known athletes (although at times it is), but no matter what your thoughts are about the photos, the stars and the context of the pictures, there's a lingering question that can be asked - are celebs good for the sport if they bring new paddlers into the fold?


Denise Richards getting into the swing of things.

Over the last few years we've seen how SUP has blown up in the mainstream media after the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Brody Jenner, Cameron Diaz and Owen Wilson are spotted paddling with big smiles on their faces (as any human being tends to do). There's no denying the power celebrities wield when it comes to marketing. Their influence is the very reason people like the Kardashians and the housewives of reality TV are paid unthinkable sums of money to endorse products, destinations, brands, causes and businesses - because a big portion of the general public listen to them. With millions of followers on Instagram and Twitter, they're a collective voice that speak to the masses.

But is it the voice you want to hear?


Brody Jenner 

flavia insta

If it's your thing, there are some more 'star' photos on paddle boards featured in this celebrity group. What are your thoughts on the issue? We'd love to hear your opinion in the comments below. 


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