WETSOX Makes a Splash in the Cold-Water Surf World

The WETSOX allows you to easily exit and enter your wetsuits! | Photo courtesy: WETSOX The WETSOX allows you to easily exit and enter your wetsuits! | Photo courtesy: WETSOX

BROOKLYN, New York - If you've worn a wetsuit before, you know what a pain it can be to wriggle out of it when you're soaking wet, especially if your extremities are numb from icy water. Enter WETSOX, a thin, split-toe sock made from rashguard-like material that makes slipping in and out of your wetsuit and booties super easy.

There must be something like this on the market already, right? Wrong. Some surfers use plastic bags to achieve the same quick entry and exit—except, they rip. Dive socks are similar but don't offer the dexterous split toe bootie design that most surfers wear. WETSOX is the only thin, four-way stretch sock built just for slipping in and out of your surf gear in seconds.

Available via crowd-sourcing website Kickstarter, WETSOX are made from a premium nylon, Lycra, Spandex blend, so they're quick-dry and smooth on your skin. Wearing WETSOX will also lengthen the life of your surf gear because it eliminates the need to pull, tug, yank, stretch, and do awkward yoga poses to get it off.

Learn more about the WetSox in detail by watching the video below!


WETSOX was founded by Brooklyn-based ad executive Bryan Marville. An avid surfer, Marville has spent as much time as possible in the water since he was a teenager. The idea for WETSOX was born during a surf trip to South Africa in 2014 when Marville and his buddies were repeatedly suiting up to paddle out. Frustrated by the physical struggle of getting in and out of their wetsuits, Marville knew there had to be a solution. Introducing the plastic bag 2.0: WETSOX—a quick-dry, ultra-stretchy split-toe sock that gets you in and out of your gear quicker than ever.

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