Werner Paddles Redesigns And Introduces Entire SUP Lineup

Along with a new line of paddles, Werner introduces new HD graphics for their paddles. Along with a new line of paddles, Werner introduces new HD graphics for their paddles.

SAN DIEGO, California - Among all of the madness from the Surf Expo and tradeshow hysteria, we've recently been informed of Werner Paddles' entire new paddle and design lineup for 2016, and it looks superb! As a brief background, Werner Paddles is a family-owned business that has been handcrafting paddles in the USA for 50 years, so they've had quite a good amount of time to fine-tune and perfect their craft.

With the spark and rise of standup paddling, Werner Paddles is introducing an entire new look and feel to their SUP paddles to better mold to the needs of not only the elite paddlers, but more importantly, the everyday paddlers.

"Our ultimate goal was to design and build the best paddling paddle for each specific discipline of SUP" said Danny Mongno, Marketing Manager for Werner Paddles. "But we did not stop there, approaching this project with all we've learned from the time we built our first SUP paddle in 2006, and all we know about building paddles since 1965, we dialed in blade to shaft offset, improved aesthetics, lowered weights, improved performance, reworked sizes and expanded our Advanced Fit options. While we were at it we came up with some great colors, introduced our HD Graphics package and unveiled our new SUP logo."

Werner Paddles will be introducing new blade shapes, new blade sizes, new blade to shaft offsets, a new advanced fit paddle (which is adjustable according to your height), and new, beautiful HD graphics among many other new exciting things to come.

werner hd graphicsThe Zen 95 Paddle in the new HD Dawn Patrol (left) and Plumeria (right) graphics. 


What's probably our favorite thing about the new Werner Paddles line is the discipline-specific paddles. While still having available the everyday and versatile paddles like the Vibe, Thrive and Zen 85 & 95, Werner Paddles have gone just a step further and have further developed their paddles and designed different paddles to fit into the many different disciplines of SUP. If you're a Whitewater standup paddler, check out the new Legend Paddle. If you're a racer, check out the Grand Prix, and if you're a SUP surfer, they have their new paddle the Rip Stick (coming very soon), whose design was inspired by Fiona Wylde and Dave Boehne.

Overall, the line looks sick and we can't wait to test it all out! To see more details on the line and what's new for Werner Paddles in 2016, check out Werner Paddles' detailed blog about it here.

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