Weekly Recap 5/10/2022


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5. Standup for the Cure Newport Beach 2022- The Rebirth of an Event

standup for the cure newport 2022

Heat Score - 60

Hundreds of loyal Standup for the Cure Participants joined together this past weekend to celebrate life and pay tribute to our community’s Breast Cancer Survivors, Warriors and those loved ones that have been lost to this horrible disease. Standup for the Cure, holding true to their mission, continues to build an empathetic, supportive community and promote an active, healthy lifestyle, all while raising money to provide breast cancer screening and treatment to the underserved. Read more HERE.





4. Tips For Running Whitewater On A SUP

running whitewater sup tips

Heat Score - 69

When you get confident paddle boarding in flat water try the transition into some easy whitewater. Running whitewater is a super fun challenge that can help you progress your paddle skills. Here are a few tips that help balance and keep you in control in whitewater. Read more HERE.


3. Are You Taking the Right SUPplement?

jodelle supplements

Heat Score - 77

Chasing health, anti-aging, staying young, keeping up with the latest health trends…I find these attributes true for most paddlers. But aside from that nutritious food you consume and those vitamins and minerals you take, do you know what the best supplement when it comes to health and longevity? Read more HERE.


2. Paddle Boarding Slovenia

slovenia paddle boarding destination 5

Heat Score - 85

Slovenia is a miniature, picturesque country located in the heart of Europe between the Alps and the Adriatic sea. Due to its untouched nature and extraordinary geographic diversity it is often referred to as the beauty-spot of Europe, a perfect place for stand up paddling. Read more HERE.


1. 6 Dog Breeds Great for Paddleboarding

dog breeds for paddleboarding

Heat Score - 91

If you’re looking into becoming an avid paddleboard enthusiast, the following popular breeds will have no trouble hitting the waves with you. Just don’t forget to pocket these helpful stand-up board tips. Read more HERE.

Photo Of The Week

photo of the week 7 20 21

Photo via: Stuart Holmes

Description: Very unique shot of Gibraltar with the typical Levanter cloud obscuring the top half. You can just see me in the foreground in case you didn’t notice.

Location: Gibraltar braktar

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