Tips For Running Whitewater On A SUP

Badfish team rider Britany Parker is a master at running whitewater on her SUP. | Photo Courtesy: Badfish SUP Badfish team rider Britany Parker is a master at running whitewater on her SUP. | Photo Courtesy: Badfish SUP

LITTLETON, Colorado - When you get confident paddle boarding in flat water try the transition into some easy whitewater. Running whitewater is a super fun challenge that can help you progress your paddle skills. Here are a few tips that help balance and keep you in control in whitewater.

1. Use a staggered stance

Using a staggered stance on your board will give you more balance in moving water. This will give you side to side stability as well as forward and mass stability as the board gets tossed around in the rough water.

2. Paddle on your dominant side

Paddling on your dominant side is more comfortable while you are in a staggered stance. So, whatever foot you step back into staggered stance with, paddle on that side.

3. Keep your paddle in the water

Keeping your paddle in the water as much as possible will help you balance and steer the board. Anytime your paddle is in or on the water it is a brace creating more stability. Dragging your paddle through the water will also help you keep your board straight.

These are just some tips that have helped me successfully paddle through whitewater. See if it works for you! To see these tips in action watch the video below.

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