Teen Drowns While Paddle Boarding

15 year old teen girl drowns in a tragic paddle boarding accident in New Zealand. | Photo courtesy of New Zealand Herald


WHANGAMATA, New Zealand - In a tragic story, a 15 year-old female teen, drowned earlier today at Whangamata, New Zealand after her stand up paddle board was swept under a yacht.

It is reported that the girl had fallen off of her paddle board and was taken with the current and wind where she was then sucked under a 26-foot yacht that was moored at the wharf.

The girl was with her friends, who were able to get her back on the paddle board where then a boat passing by aided them to shore. She was given CPR, but ultimately the young girl is believed to have passed away on her way to the hospital.

It is said that the girl was on a privately-owned paddle board and that she was in fact wearing a belt pouch with a life jacket.

To read more about the tragic incident, click here.



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