SUP Polo, The Future of SUP?


“Combining the fun of team sports with SUP”

Starboard is proud to launch SUP Polo, a game that is predicted to steer the future of SUP as a team sport. Since the early testing, the game has evolved and developed to now offer the full Polo package including; the Astro 9’5” SUP Polo Board, SUP Polo Paddle and the SUP Polo Field. Equipped with governing approved rules and regulations, SUP Polo is ready to be enjoyed by all.

The Board

The Astro SUP Polo 9’5’’ is short enough to have great control in the pool, but long enough to accelerate quickly. The 36’’ width will give you plenty of stability to focus on the game without thinking too much on your balance. With SUP Polo, the situation can change very quickly, thus the board is designed with Twin Tip to be able to reverse in a glimpse without making risky snap turns. A set of 2 white water fins are added nose and tail to give enough tracking in both directions, while still maintaining great control of the board. In addition, a 6 3/4”center fin has been added to provide additional tracking, making it a more versatile board for when you’re not playing SUP Polo.

The SUP Polo board maximizes stability and maneuverability in a compact shape.

The Paddle

sup poloThe SUP Polo-specific paddle, created by the crew at Starboard. 

The SUP Polo Blade has been designed in collaboration with Wholly Paddle to offer optimum functional performance, combining a blade that perfectly clasps the SUP Polo ball, while still being able to paddle effectively at speed. The distinct large Concave shape and Steep Sidewalls in the face of the blade allows the paddler to scoop the ball out of the water at ease. This is helped with the unique Polo Pocket, measured exactly to hold the ball securely at all times, allowing the paddler to swing around when aiming without the ball falling out. The Throat of the blade is specifically angled so that the ball rolls into the Polo Pocket, maximizing the swing release. The blade is actually transferable, meaning the paddler can use both sides to paddle choosing on their preference and is useful for quick acceleration without changing sides.

The Blade is built using the Tufskin ABS technology, providing the highest strength and durability so the paddler can make contact without the risk of breakage. World Race Champion Connor Baxter and Chris Parker from SUPracer.com despite their best efforts could not break the blades in a strength test.

The Polo Blade uses a 2 Piece Adjustable shaft so the paddler can adjust the height of the paddle to match their playing style. It also allows paddles to be shared throughout the whole team, making substitutions quick without being constrained by having the wrong height shaft. The Glass shaft is used as it has the highest impact resistance.

The Field

sup polo starboardThe inflatable field area is 20mx25m and can be used in swimming pools or anchored down at beaches or lakes. 

The Polo field is the perfect arena to contain all the action. The inflatable field area is 20mx25m and can be used in swimming pools or anchored down at beaches or lakes. The low level goals are 90cm high and deep and 300cm wide, making the accuracy of the paddlers shot critical to winning the game. The field and goals have a 20cm diameter and are made of a heavy duty PVC laminate material with multiple valve options to reduce inflation time and maximize playing time on the water!

The Starboard Polo Field can be sold as a set or sold separately.


Board: Uses the strong, durable and stiff Zen construction.

Paddle: Uses the ABS Tufskin technology, glass shaft and carbon handle for maximum strength and impact resistant.

Field: 20ccm Diameter Heavy Duty PVC Laminate material.

Target Riders

SUP Polo is truly a game for all to enjoy. It is a fun, action fueled game that is fast paced and exciting to watch. It is a test to any paddler’s skills, working on balance, coordination, reactions, stamina and agility. The future scope of the sport is wide, from the elite competitions, schools teaching the youth to learn core skills, team building and corporate networking, to the weekend competition with friends. Addictive, healthy and sociable, SUP Polo is a Team Sport for all!

To learn more about SUP Polo and get the gear required to play visit the Starboard SUP website.

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