Rogue SUP "All-Arounder" Designs


SAN CLEMENTE, California -- Rogue Stand Up Paddleboards lives up to its name by taking its product line where other SUP companies have steered away ... AWESOME GRAPHCIS!!! Based out of San Clemente, CA; Rogue is a Stand Up Paddleboard manufacturer focused on incorporating the SUP lifestyle into the Rogue brand.

These boards are designed and shaped to paddle gracefully in flat water and perform equally well in surf up to head high. If you were to have only one board to do it all, this would be it! Slight concave in the nose to double barrel concave in the tail allow the water to enter and exit the board efficiently while maintaining maximum stability.

The all-new All Arounders are available in 10' 11' and 12' which makes it easy to fit your size and skill level to the appropriate SUP. All Arounders come complete with a deck pad, handle, FUTURE fin boxes, and a "Care Free" pressure vent system so you can go direct from purchase to the water!

Beware! The beauty of these boards is not just skin deep. Utilizing a Weed Veneer sandwich, PVC Insert and Vacuum bagged Epoxy lay-up make for industry leading strength in a lightweight package. In addition to "All Arounders" Rogue offers a complete line of SUP's including: Soft SUP's, Performance/Surf, Race/Touring, Customs, and a price point entry level line labeled under the Tesoro series.

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