Rareform: Bettering the World One Bag at a Time

Written by Ashley Welton


Like recycling superheroes, they keep trash out of the earth and help stand up paddlers and surfers protect their gear.



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Samples of Rareform Products




VENTURA, California - How often does the end consumer have the option to make the right decision?


How many companies give their customers that choice?


Passing that possibility along to their customer requires that a company first make the decision themselves.


Rareform is one of those rare companies.


Built on dreams born in an El Salvadorian fishing village, like all great ideas, Rareform had an unusual inception.


While working in the community, Alec Avedissian, founder and creator of Rareform, watched the villagers use recycled billboards to patch roofs throughout the town. One day, over a game of footy, he asked his buddy about it. That particular friend gifted him with this life-changing tip: not only do they patch roofs, but he’d also seen a bag made out of billboard material.


Star light, star bright, whose dream is coming true tonight? See, for years, Alec believed business could be done differently and had envisioned a company that revolved around his passions - surf, outdoors, and environmental responsibility. Now he had the impetus to make it happen.


Upon returning to the states, Alec got his hands on some spent billboard material, and took it to an auto upholsterer to make his first board bag prototype. Although clunky, as nearly every prototype is, he recognized that Yes, this is going to work.


For months, he built Rareform on the side, as he slogged away in the corporate marketing world.


Finally it was ready, the kinks had been klunked, and Alec lassoed his friends, Sho Rust, design lead and creative genius, and Ryan Judy, manufacturing pro and passionate entrepreneur, to join him in his vision. In September 2012, Rareform launched.


Their flagship products consist of sassy surfboard bags ranging 5’-8” – 10’ 6”, paddle blade covers, full armor adjustable SUP paddle bags, and drawstring change mats (because who likes soggy sandy gear soaking their car?)


Here's where it gets super cool. All of those products are sourced and made locally in California.


Like recycling superheroes, they keep trash out of the earth and help outdoor advertising agencies save money by intercepting California billboards before they reach the landfill, swooping them away to their Ventura manufacturing facilities to be transformed into beautiful bags.


But the vision doesn’t stop there; Rareform is quickly growing into an outdoor company with its roots in surf who uses innovative and ecofriendly materials in every product they create.


They’re launching backpacks and tote bags at the end of the summer, and SUP board bags by Christmas.


But why stop at billboards? There is a mélange of excess material in the world that can be made into all kinds of products. Currently they’re in the research and design phase for a recycled neoprene product, and a recycled foam product for things like traction pads.


However, the biggest challenge they face today is sourcing the materials to use. Rareform seeks out companies who have excess material and then works with the company to find a solution to utilize it, benefiting every business involved.


Alec’s aim is to use business as a catalyst for positive change. He says, “It’ possible to do good through business. And we believe the consumer should have the option to make the right decision.”


Rareform is well on its way to making that difference both inside and out of the surf industry, and their dedication to quality, sustainability, and style is clear.


As they say at HQ, “Let the good run wild.”


Order their products at www.rareform.com


Connect with Rareform on Social Media:

Facebook – fb.com/Rareform ~ Instagram - instagram.com/rareform ~ Twitter - twitter.com/rareform


Author: Ashley Welton is the chief creative copywriter and brand anthropologist at Miniskirt Ninja Media. She hails from Hawaii and delights in working with businesses to uncover and translate their brand through action inducing copy that ignites a sense of adventure in all who come across it. When she's not having an intimate dinner with her thesaurus, she dedicates time to surfing, traveling, exploring, and the general outdoors. Finder her online at: www.ashleywelton.com or connect with her on twitter @miniskirtninja


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