Introducing Surftech's 2024 Lineup of SUPs

Surftech's 2024 Laguna in Madera construction. | Photo © Supconnect Surftech's 2024 Laguna in Madera construction. | Photo © Supconnect

CARLSBAD, California - Surftech, a global leader in paddle board manufacturing, is thrilled to unveil its highly anticipated 2024 lineup of stand up paddle boards (SUPs). With a legacy rooted in innovation and quality, Surftech continues to push boundaries with its new range, featuring the award-winning Generator, groundbreaking Madera construction, vibrant Lido colorway, and the return of crowd favorites - Aleka, Catalyst, and Chameleon.

surftech generator 2024Surftech Generator, 2024 available at REI. | Photo courtesy: Surftech

Generator: Versatility and Style Combined

The Supconnect award-winning Generator stands out as the ultimate shape for versatility and maneuverability in small to medium surf. Boasting stability and glide in flatwater, the Surftech Generator V-Tech 11 ft. 6 in. SUP now dazzles in the new Madera construction. Its features include:

  • Tuflite V-Tech construction with the organic texture of bamboo
  • Ultralightweight and durable design
  • Deck tie-downs and ledge-style handle

Lido: The Epitome of Durability and Comfort

Ideal for flatwater cruises in various settings, the Surftech Lido 10 ft. 6 in. SUP offers:

  • Ultra-durable Utility Armor construction
  • Comfort-enhancing BLOOM foam algae deck pad
  • Hull-shaped nose, deck tie-downs, and padded rear grab-handle

madera range 2024 surftech

ALL NEW Madera Construction: Sustainability Meets Performance

Surftech proudly introduces the Madera collection, an innovative construction method that combines sustainably harvested timber with an ultra-light EPS core. Encapsulated in epoxy resin for added rigidity and a watertight seal, the Madera collection offers exceptional performance and durability. Key models include:

  • Alta Madera: A versatile surf SUP now available in Madera construction, featuring a 3/4 deck pad and 4+1 fin setup.
  • Laguna Madera: Designed for flat water paddling and yoga enthusiasts, this model offers stability and additional features like a full deck pad, tie-downs, and carry handle.
  • Western Flyer Madera: A dream for soul SUPers, this longer and narrower board delivers wide turns with forward momentum and stability. Additional features include a full deck pad, fish tail design, and twin fin setup.

surftech chameleonSurftech Chameleon SUP. | Photo © Supconnect

Continuation of Favorites

The 2024 lineup also sees the return of the beloved Aleka, Catalyst, and Chameleon models, each bringing its unique blend of performance and style to the water. Surftech's commitment to innovation, sustainability, and quality is evident in every board produced. Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to the sport, there's a perfect SUP waiting for you in Surftech's 2024 lineup.

For more information on Surftech's 2024 stand up paddle boards, visit Surftech's website HERE.

About Surftech
Surftech was founded in 1989, born out of a desire to unite shapers and surfers by utilizing new technologies and distribution methods. This unique relationship with the world’s best shapers has always allowed Surftech to make performance-enhancing boards available to surfers of all abilities worldwide. We were the first to use advancements in technology to explore, establish, and embrace the connection between shaper and surfer. 30 years after we released Tuflite, forever changing the surf industry for the better, we’re still leading the charge for watermen everywhere.

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