Hybrid SUP Paddle by Boardworks

Hybrid Carbon/Fiberglass Paddle by Boardworks.





Affordable Performance

The hybrid construction offers quality and pricepoint


The Boardworks Hybrid Carbon/Fiberglass SUP Paddle features a shaft that is ovalized for a more ergonomic feel, with a reduced diameter that fits a wide range of paddlers and greatly reduces fatigue. The handle is a comfort grip T handle that curves into the palm of your hand. It has excellent strength to weight ratio with performance flex characteristics. The blade has less surface area high up where it passes the rail, with more "meat" in the water where you need it for that extra power in every stroke. The blade width is 8.25". Available blade colors are Natural Black, Painted Gloss White and Gloss Yellow. (Join the Gear Talk Group on Sup Connect.)





Asymmetry for Grip

Oval shaft & asymmetric handle for easy use


Equipment: Stand Up Paddle

Equipment Use: Multi-Use

MSRP: US $200

Pieces: 1-piece Paddle

Weight: 1lbs 12oz

Blade Width: 8.25"

Blade Type: Teardrop

Blade Extra: Dyhedral

Shaft: Oval

Handle: Asymmetric

Construction: Carbon/Fiberglass Hybrid

Manufacturers: Contact Boardworks SUP


Andre Niemeyer's Notes


Durability & Lighweight

Quite a balance between durability and lightweight



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The Hybrid Carbon/Fiberglass SUP Paddle offers an impressively attractive balance among performance, durability, and price point. The lightweight properties of carbon mixed with the durability and affordability features of firberglass makes this paddle an excellent choice for those looking for affordable performance and durability in a SUP paddle. (Become friends with Boardworks on Sup Connect.)


For US $200, this is an amazing deal! Typically for that price the options tend to be aluminum or purely fiberglass paddles, if you do happen to find paddles that affordable. The problem is that normally these entry-level paddles (like the aluminum and firberglass paddles) are the heaviest SUP paddles in the market, scoring ridiculously low on performance. The Boardworks Hybrid paddle keeps the price point of entry-level paddles while still offering more performance, which comes from the properties of carbon. At the same time, the stand up paddle still has fiberglass, which is notably more durable than carbon when it comes down to SUP paddles and their constructions. So, if you're looking for an affordable paddle that still offers some performance and durability, the carbon/fiberglass SUP paddle by Boardworks should be on top of your list. (Sign up to Sup Connect Newsletter to stay in the sup loop.)


If you're looking for either the most durable or the highest performance paddle in the market, then this Hybrid paddle is not it. The most durable SUP paddles in the market tend to be pure fiberglass paddles. These are typically heavier than their counterparts but still fairly affordable. And the highest performance paddles tend to be the carbon paddles, which normally are the most expensive paddles in the market. The Hybrid SUP Paddle by Boardworks strikes an attractive balance among these two extremes. For an entry-level price point, it gives you the durability of firberglass but with the added performance of carbon. That's what makes this paddle so attractive. Carbon adds performance to the paddle without raising the price tag, making it an incredible value for those looking for an affordable paddle that still offers more performance than your run-of-the-mill entry-level paddle. (Join the SUP Racing Group on Sup Connect.)



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Excellent Value

The carbon adds performance while price remains low


Hybrid SUP Paddle by Boardworks

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