Review of 10'6" Tesoro by Rogue SUP

Standup Paddle Board 10'6" Tesoro by Rogue SUP Featured & Reviewed. Standup Paddle Board 10'6" Tesoro by Rogue SUP Featured & Reviewed.


Video About 10'6" Tesoro's Features


Rick Karr talks about the features of the 10'6" Tesory and its targeted market.


Tail is a Round Pin with Double Plugs


Round pin tails allow for smoother transitions from rail-to-rail when surfing. And the doble leash plugs helps offset the pull on the tail, reducing the chances of the plug tearing off the tail of the board.

2+1 Fin Setup


Single fin with side fin boxes allows for a versatile fin setup, giving flexibility for rider to find the fin setup that better fit his waves and surf style.

"Floaty" Rails


Cody here on the picture comfortably paddles the Tesoro without even sinking the rails.

High on Durability


The extra weight on the board is somewhat mitigated by the handle, but always keep in mind the weight/durability calculus.

Pressure Valve


A pressure valve is included to reduce the changes of the board delaminating under the high-heat.


A great all around entry level board, Rogue's Tesoro Series board offers excellent stability and function at an affordable price. All Tosoro Series come with a deck pad, handle, FUTURE fin boxes, “Care Free” pressure vent and dual stringer construction.  






Equipment: Standup Paddle Board

Dimensions: 10'6" x 31' x 4 - 175L

Tail: Round Pin

Fin Setup: 2 + 1

Other.1: Double leash plug

Other.2: Multiple Stringers

Other.3: Pressure Valve

Price Point: $950

Use: Crossover in Surfing & Flatwater


Andre Niemeyer's Notes


The 10'6" Tesoro Standup Paddle Board by Rogue SUP scores high on durability and affordability, with design features that make it very suitable for a beginner who is looking for a board to be used primairly in the surf but which can also be taken out for a paddle on flatwater.



The board is built to last. With a multiple stringer system and an exceptionally strong molded construction, the Tesoro feels really resistant to chipping, dings, and pressure dings. Plus it will have to take an unusually hard beating before it comes anywhere near to breaking in half, buckling, or such. Its surfboard-like shape adds to its usability in that it can be taken out either on waves or flatwater. And the price point at $950 (suggested retail) makes it all the more attractive.



Durability nearly always comes at a price. And here is no exception. The exceptionally strong construction adds quite a bit of weight to the board, leading to a compromise in both surfing performance and ease when handling the board around. Also on the performance front, the Tesoro's foil (volume distribution) is designed for beginners, with some extra thickness being carried out through the rails. That compromises surfing maneueverability but adds to the stability factor, helping beginners to stand.


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10'6" Tesoro by Rogue SUP


Disclaimer: Andre Niemeyer's notes are taken from a one-time use and assessment. Several features were gauged, ranging from design and construction to pricepoint and usability. Now some of these features, such as durability, may receive an initial assessment based on the construction materials and foil, among other things. But this is not a final and definitive assessment. For some features, durability included, any final and definitive assessment requires a longitudinal study. No such study has been made for Andre Niemeyer's notes. These notes are initial, not final, assessment reports. 

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