Review of 12' All Arounder by Rogue SUP

Standup Paddle Board 12' All Around by Rogue SUP where all elite athletes in SoCal launch from, Guess? Photo: Andre Niemeyer Standup Paddle Board 12' All Around by Rogue SUP where all elite athletes in SoCal launch from, Guess? Photo: Andre Niemeyer


Video About 12' All Arounder Features


Rick Karr talks about the features of the 12' All Arounder and its targeted consumer.


Tail is a Round Squash


The round squash tails helps the board to glide more easily over the slow parts of the surf, as well as offering an additional stability.

Wooden Venner in Construction


Wooden veneer has been quite fashionable lately, for it adds strength to the construction without adding weight.

Built-in Handles on the Deck


Handles are specially handy when it comes to 12 footers. But even when not with 12-ft boards, people with a small build, women in particular, can find it quite helpful.

Single Fin Box for Fin Setup


On the longer boards, especially if used primarily in flatwater, single fins are typically the way to go, for having one fin minimizes the drag.

Pressure Valve


A pressure valve is included to reduce the changes of the board delaminating under the high-heat.


Rogue SUP “All Arounders” are designed and shaped to paddle gracefully in flat water and perform equally well in surf up to head high. If you were to have only one board to do it all, this would be it! Slight concave in the nose to double barrel concave in the tail allow the water to enter and exit the board efficiently while maintaining maximum stability. All our “All Arounders” come with a deck pad, handle, FUTURE fin boxes and a “Care Free” pressure vent. 






Equipment: Standup Paddle Board

Dimensions.1: 10' x 30" x 4" - 153L
Dimensions.2: 11' x 29" x 4.25" - 171L
Dimensions.3: 12' x 30" x 4.5" - 205L

Tail: Round Squash

Fin Setup: Single Fin Box

Other.1: Wooden Veneer

Other.2: Pressure Valve

Use: Crossover in Flatwater (1st) & Surfing (2nd)

Sugested Retail: Contact Rogue SUP

Suggested Wholesale: Contact Rogue SUP


Andre Niemeyer's Notes


The 12' All Arounder Standup Paddle Board by Rogue SUP presents a very nice balance between looks and performance, with the wooden veneer displaying beautifully on the board's deck. The design features in this board size make it a nice flatwater board, which can also be taken out in the surf, especially for those looking for a comfortable glide.



Looks and weight are top-notch - thanks to the good work with the wooden veneer. The veneer adds not only a stunning presentation to the board's deck, but also it offers a stronger construction than usual, without the typical weight that comes with it. Good work with wooden veneer on a board (surf or standup) is hard to find, but Rogue SUP scored on this one. And on usability, the combination of a 12-foot length, the single-fin setup, and the atypical lightweight for board/size ratio make the board great for flatwater paddle, while also having the flexibility of riding in the surf, beach boy style.



Its virtue is also its vice. While the wood in this particular board does an excellent job adding looks and strength without bringing along additional weight, the veneer (as it's often times the case) makes the board stiffer. When using it on flatwater, the board's stiffness is not at all a liability but rather a desired feature. But when standup paddle surfing, the performance rider might want more flex. But then again, the performance rider should be riding something else to begin with if performance surfing is his primary goal.


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12' All Arounder by Rogue SUP


Disclaimer: Andre Niemeyer's notes are taken from a one-time use and assessment. Several features were gauged, ranging from design and construction to pricepoint and usability. Now some of these features, such as durability, may receive an initial assessment based on the construction materials and foil, among other things. But this is not a final and definitive assessment. For some features, durability included, any final and definitive assessment requires a longitudinal study. No such study has been made for Andre Niemeyer's notes. These notes are initial, not final, assessment reports. 


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