5 Reasons You Need A Fusion Stereoactive For Your SUP

SAN DIEGO, California - FUSION STEREOACTIVE is the world’s first purpose-built, portable watersports and active lifestyle stereo. Made with the SUP community in mind, here’s five reasons you want one on your board.

1. Tons of source options

STEREOACTIVE can stream audio via Bluetooth from any popular music service, like Pandora or Spotify, from a compatible A2DP Bluetooth enabled device. If you have a favorite station, you can play music with the built-in AM/FM tuner and internal antenna and even stay up-to- date with weatherband available in the U.S. The unit even has a waterproof cavity designed for a low profile USB for MP3 playback, while keeping the drive waterproof and IPx7 safe. Audio playback over USB is also available for mobile devices.

2. Delivers killer sound

The system is engineered with two 20-Watt 2.5-inch custom-designed directional speakers, a passive radiator and Class-D amplifier, and protected in a ruggedized housing that is perfectly tuned to deliver a high quality, powerful audio experience in the outdoor environment.

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3. Not going anywhere

Its unique Puck mounting system connects the stereo easily and securely to any paddle board, kayak, boat or even hot tub. The Puck locking mechanism fixes STEREOACTIVE in place, even in the event of heavy vibration or capsizing.

4. Keep your stuff safe

FUSION has incorporated the ACTIVESAFE into the design, which houses any smartphone, vehicle keys, bankcards or loose change. In the unlikely event that it does become detached, both STEREOACTIVE and ACTIVESAFE are extremely rugged and float.

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5. Easy to use

Designed to take a paddling, STEREOACTIVE has easy-to- press, scalloped buttons, which are controlled with the touch of a finger or the tap of a paddle. Users can also control the stereo with a mobile phone or Garmin Fitness watch through the FUSION-Link app.

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No matter what, it all goes back to the basics of why we love stand up paddling: because it’s fun. And, having a rad stereo to play your favorite tunes along for the ride is always a bonus! To see more from Fusion Stereoactive, click HERE.

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