Portugal SUP Movement and Law Under Attack by ICF

Photo Courtesy: Franz Orsi Photo Courtesy: Franz Orsi

In a recent announcement made by the International Canoe Federation (ICF) Esposende, Portugal was announced as the location of their inaugural SUP World Championship to be held later this year. Now in a recent turn of events, the Portuguese Surfing Federation has made a statement saying that the ICF and this event will not take place because it is simply against the Portuguese Laws. See the statement in full below.

The sport of stand up paddling is currently under attack worldwide by the International Canoe Federation. In fact, ICF is now trying another coup to steal SUP - this time in Portugal.

Allied with the National Canoe Federation, the ICF is attempting to organize a SUP world championship in Portugal. This event is scheduled for late August but is simply against the national laws.

According to Portuguese Law, the organization of such championships needs to be authorized by the Portuguese Surf Federation, as that is the federation responsible for running Stand Up Paddle in Portugal. As the organizers have not received the authorization from the Portuguese Surf Federation to run this event, such championships are actually illegal right now and should not happen.

For now, the Portuguese Surf Federation has lodged a preventive injunction before the Portuguese Courts to prohibit the organization of such illegal event put forward by the International Canoe Federation together with the Portuguese Canoe Federation and this shall be followed by formal legal action.

Portuguese law is crystal clear regarding this matter, the event should not take place.

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Peniche Paddle Series. | Photos: Miguel Sacramento

As the Portuguese Surf Federation declares: “We will fight this act of piracy and ask the Portuguese Courts to enforce the law until the ICF and the National Canoe Federation are stopped from doing this coup and step back to their rightful place. As any country, we obey the laws. We've been working closely with ISA, the only recognized ruling body for this sport and together we'll stand against this kind of situation.”

The Portuguese Surf Federation will not allow the International Canoe Federation (and the Portuguese Canoe Federation) to use Portugal for their own interest disrespecting the Portuguese Law and continuing their outrageous attempt to kidnap Stand Up Paddle from the International Surfing Association, the sole entity that has run the sport from its very beginning and help it to grow internationally and intends to continue to do so in the future.

For now, it seems unclear if the ICF SUP Championships will work to keep this event in Portugal or if they will work to find a new venue. Stay tuned…

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