Gorge Challenge Delivers With Best Conditions in More Than A Decade

Photo courtesy: Georgia Schofield Photo courtesy: Georgia Schofield

HOOD RIVER, Oregon - The SIC Columbia Gorge Challenge returned with prime conditions unseen in over a decade. Athletes competed in very hot weather with the best wind conditions the even has seen in its last 11 years. Paddlers and wing foilers alike put on a great show with tight racing action. 

The Elite Pack

 connor baxter buoy turn course gorge challenge 2022Connor Baxter doing a buoy turn in the course race | Photo credit Georgia Schofield

The event, held in honor of the legendary Steve Gates, was renamed this year due to the addition of Foiling and Wing Foiling divisions. Elite athletes, kids, and everyone in between had an amazing race week at the 2022 Gorge Challenge. As he did last year, veteran Connor Baxter placed first in both the Elite Men's downwind race and the Elite Men's course race. Not far behind, 16-year-old Bodie Von Allmen placed third in both of those races. David Leao and Bernd Roediger finished second in the Elite Men's course and downwind races, respectively. 

Elite Downwind SUP Top 5 Men

  1. Connor Baxter
  2. Bernd Roediger
  3. Bodie Von Allmen
  4. David Leao
  5. Samuel McCullough

Elite Course SUP Top 5 Men

  1. Connor Baxter
  2. David Leao
  3. Bodie Von Allmen
  4. Campbell Carter
  5. Jake Graham

Racecourse Grind

jade howson downwind gorge challenge 2022Jade Howson in the downwind race | Photo credit Georgia Schofield

Jade Howson dominated the women's events, finishing first in the Elite Women's course race and the Elite Woman's downwind race. Aline Adisaka and Stephanie Shideler came in second and third, respectively, in the Elite Women's course race and swapped places in the Elite Women's downwind race. Starboard athlete Fiona Wylde, usually on the leader board, was not racing this year due to an injury; however, that didn't stop her from helping out with some of the kids' events.

gorge paddle challenge 2021 elite course womenWomen's course race. | Photo courtesy: Georgia Schofield

Elite Course SUP Top 5 Women

  1. Jade Howson
  2. Aline Adisaka
  3. Stephanie Shideler
  4. Soryn Preston
  5. Alyson Fromm

Elite Downwind SUP Top 5 Women

  1. Jade Howsen
  2. Stephanie Shideler
  3. Aline Adisaka
  4. Alyson Fromm
  5. Alex Ostrowski

 aline adisaka course gorge challenge 2022Aline Adisaka in the course race | Photo credit Georgia Schofield

The energy, athleticism, and fun at the SIC Columbia Gorge Challenge are a fitting way to remember the late Steve Gates every year. SIC Maui would like to thank the Big Winds, the Gates family, race organizers, and everyone in the paddling community that helped celebrate the life of Steve Gates and make this event a success. SIC is proud to support the paddling community and looks forward to doing it again next year.

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