EuroTour Announces 2021 Schedule

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After an unprecedented year for everyone, the folks behind the EuroTour were more than happy to be able to run four successful events in 2020. To say that finalizing the 2021 calendar has been a challenge it's more than an understatement.

As always, the EuroTour presents to you a calendar of confirmed events with actual dates and places. All the events have signed contracts where all the financials and logistics have been sorted out, so you as a rider will only have to worry about which of the 13 different countries or 14 events you will go to; the EuroTour takes care of the rest. With some brand new and exciting locations this promises to be their best year yet.

So here it is, the 7th edition of EuroTour for 2021:

  • Sup Race Ardèche (1500E) 4th April
  • Ice SUP Race (4500E) 8th-9th May
  • Namur SUP Race (4500E) 15th-16th May
  • Vendée Gliss Event (6000E) 22nd-24th May
  • Iberdrola Bilbao World SUP Challenge (EUK) (12000E) 5th-6th June
  • Austria SUP Race (4500E) 12th-13th June
  • ICF World Championships Hungary (30000E) 18th-20th June
  • Prague Paddle Fest (12000E) 25th-26th June
  • Agios Nikolaos on SUP 2021 (6000E) 3th-4th July
  • IX Sieravuori SUP Masters (1500E) 9th-10th July
  • Nordhausen SUP Race (4500E) 17th-18th July
  • Denmark SUP Race (4500E) 3rd-5th August
  • Madeira Island SUP Challenge (4500E) 25th-26th September
  • Zavidovo SUP Challenge 2021 (1500E) 25th-26th September

Missing from this list are a few events that due to the extraordinary situation have not been able to secure all the necessary arrangements to formalize their inclusion in the calendar. The EuroTour however, are loyal to their long time supporters and are positive that they will be able to increase this calendar over the next few months. Stay tuned for full details in our website and social media of each event.

To see more SUP events around the world, check out the Supconnect Events Calendar.

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