Drink A Beer, Save A Turtle: Purakai Looks To Help Save The Oceans

Purakai is proud to announce the Beer Bottle Shirt Project. Purakai is proud to announce the Beer Bottle Shirt Project.

SAN DIEGO, California - 50 billion plastic water bottles are used every year, billions more are used for soda and beer. That’s over 140 bottles per person! But of those 50+ billion plastic bottles used, only 31% are recycled. That means over 34.5 billion plastic bottles are ending up in our landfills, and even worse, our oceans each year! Purakai, leaders of the Ocean Friendly Revolution, have been concerned with keeping our oceans healthy for years.

In their latest effort to keep our oceans clean, Purakai is proud to announce the Beer Bottle Shirt Project. Partners of Purakai help collect plastic beer bottles after concerts and events. These plastic bottles are then used to make super-soft shirts and beanies. Each shirt is made from 6.5 plastic beer bottles -- that’s 6.5 fewer plastic bottles potentially ending up in the ocean.

“As a lifelong surfer the ocean has always been a huge focus in my life, what I’ve learned from participating in numerous beach clean ups is we need to take action today to protect our oceans,” says Noel Huelsenbeck, Chief Ocean Evangelist of Purakai. “The Beer Bottle Shirt Project is just the latest in a long line of efforts to help keep our oceans clean, but it is one of my favorite, after all, the first step in the process is drinking beer! Each Beer Bottle bottle shirt and beanie keeps nearly 7 bottles out of a landfill or the ocean, so the more we sell, the more we can create awareness about the issue of plastics.”

Beer Bottle shirts will be available from Kickstarter. Click here to learn more.

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