Boardworks Announces New Line of Wake SUP Boards

New Boardworks Surf SUPs are designed specifically for Wake SUP Surfing!


ENCINITAS, CA - Boardworks Surf, one of the world’s leading Stand Up Paddle Board manufacturers, announced today its new line of Wake SUP boards. As the only company to come out with production SUPs designed specifically for Wake SUP Surfing, Boardworks leads the charge into this new category of SUP. ”We have done extensive R&D and testing and have come up with some great SUP designs that wake surf really well,” stated Boardworks owner Mike Fox. ”People are going to be really stoked on the maneuverability, the added stability and the amazingly long rides you can get on these boards.  This adds a whole new dimension of fun.” Boardworks Wake SUP line consists of 2 models (7’6 and 8’0) that are designed with progressive foils and rockers to fit the boat wake perfectly, allowing for top performance. The boards will be introduced to retailers at Surf Expo in Orlando Florida September 6-8.

Boardworks team rider Mike Tavares commented, “What I love about Wake SUP is that you can stay on the wave forever which makes the learning curve really fast. If you have the right board you can learn so many tricks such as nose riding, tail slides, off the lip, crossing over the wake, switch stance, 180s, 360s and on and on. It’s an absolute riot!” 

There are several things that differentiate Wake SUP from traditional Wake Surfing and perhaps the biggest one is the length of rides people can achieve. This is due to the fact that you can SUP surf a longer section of the wake, in the pocket or out on the shoulder and you can paddle back into the steeper section if you start to fade off.  The paddle and the width of the WAKE SUP board allow for more stability so there is less falling and restarting resulting in a higher rate of success for people who are learning.  Fox comments, “We think this sport is really going to take off and that is why we have embraced it and created these boards that really excel, plus we are just having so much fun doing it.”Boardworks will be at Booth  #1371 at Surf Expo debuting it’s new line of Wake SUPs.  For more information check out the video or go to www.boardworkssup.com 

About Boardworks:

At Boardworks our goal is to share our love for water sports and the lifestyle that surrounds them. We work to promote respect for the planet; it’s creatures and each other while making stand up paddling and surfing more fun for more people. Based in Encinitas, CA. Boardworks represents some of the best shapers in the world and brings their premier SUP and Surf models to the global water community.  Manufactured with our proprietary construction technologies. Our SUP brands include Infinity, Rusty, Paddle Surf Hawaii, Morrelli and Melvin, Badfish Standup Paddle, Dennis Pang, and Ohana as well as our own house brand of award winning SUP models. Our Surf brands include Von Sol, Hynson, Aipa, Kane Garden, Dewey Weber, Bruce Jones, Eaton and Hansen.


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