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TORRANCE, California - After almost two years of research and development the Jax Trailer is ready for the SUP world! 

The Jax Trailer was developed to solve a major problem that most stand up paddlers deal with each time they head out for a paddle. That problem is carrying the large stand up paddleboard from the car or home to the waters edge without getting a kink in the neck or throwing out a shoulder. 

George Jax had exactly that problem.  He is an experienced waterman but a paddler who was simply tired of of transporting the board on his head or by the awkward handle every time he headed out to SUP. Carrying a paddle along with his board only added to the frustration and fueled a desire to solve the problem. 

With serious motivation, George began working on a solution from his garage and the first SUP board trailer prototype was created with a combination of scrap metal, some hardware and training wheels from his daughter’s bike. After that, improving his invention became an obsession and when his son Kyle returned from college this past May he too got right to work in developing the final phases of the product.

"We are very passionate about the stand up paddleboard industry and support the progression of the sport," said George and Kyle.  "Our biggest supporter is Joe Bark, iconic paddleboard shaper and industry leader. Joe said that, 'The Jax Trailer is the best stand up paddleboard carrier I have seen.'”  But why is that?  Why does Joe Bark consider it the best?

George and Kyle explain that, "Our competitors have all designed their products to carry the board flat, forcing the user to pull or push the board with their fingertips. Being paddlers ourselves, we found that type of carrying position to be quite uncomfortable. Transporting a SUP should be identical to carrying a surfboard under your arm. A stand up paddleboard after all is just a scaled up version of a surfboard, not a kayak. Furthermore, the Jax Trailer has superior construction with quality materials to guarantee that it's a reliable product."

This is definitely great news for the SUP community.  The Jax family and Jax Trailer will be attending the Battle of The Paddle in Southern California at the end of this month with Joe Bark and his team. Meet them there to test one out or make a purchase.  It's also possible that you could be a lucky attendee who might even walk away with one at the end of the day.

For more information about the Jax Trailer and to get a better look go to: http://www.jax-trailer.com/ or leave a message here: http://www.jax-trailer.com/contact/

Are you excited about having help getting your SUP board to the water?


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