Ambrosio Takes It Up a Notch on Paddle Board

Supermodel returns to Hawaii and showcases her stand up paddle boarding skills, but this time she takes it up a notch with new gadget on her board. See celebrities doing stand up paddling here.


Alessandra Ambrosio stand up paddle boarding in Waikiki, Hawaii 




WAIKIKI, HAWAII – Alessandra Ambrosio may be a newbie to stand up paddling but she is no stranger to the water. The thirty-year-old Brazilian has been surfing for years. She told local press on her last trip to Hawaii, “I love surfing, and Waikiki, for me, is the best place to surf.” But on her recent trips to Hawaii, she has only been spotted paddle boarding. Ambrosio was photographed while visiting for the grand opening of Hawaii’s second Victoria’s Secret store, which opened its doors October 11th. (View Celebrity Album.)


Ambrosio made several statements about her recent vacation and business trips saying, "I came here for my vacation this year in August and for me it’s definitely one of the most exotic places and it’s easy access from Los Angeles.”


The model appeared to have gained some confidence on the board since her visit to Maui in August. And while she is used to being photographed, Ambrosio added a challenge to her modeling skills by paddling with a GoPro camera attached to the front of her board. She seemed secure and even playful while getting to spend some time in the water.

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Do you think celebrities help or hurt the sport of stand up paddling?


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