Pau Hana SUP Releases Video Series From Adventure To Hawaii

Todd Caranto of Pau Hana SUP enjoying Hawaii. Todd Caranto of Pau Hana SUP enjoying Hawaii.

OAHU, Hawaii - Boarding Pass Excursion is a micro travel series designed to deliver stoke in 60 second bite sized pieces. The series follows Pau Hana Surf Supply founder, Todd Caranto, as he explores new places around the world to paddle and discovers the local Stand Up Paddle Boarding culture through: SUP yoga, SUP fishing, SUP surfing, and SUP Touring, always ready for a cold beer and fresh local grinds. Check out the video series below.

Episode 1 - Visiting the McNamaras

SUP shaper Todd Caranto lands in Oahu, Hawaii and visits his friend Garrett McNamara and his family at his home in Waialua on the North Shore. Garrett's father-in-law, Carlos Macias, explains the origins of the banana tree at their homestead. Then gives Todd the low down on the local surfing line-up and where SUP surfers fit into it.

Episode 2 - Surfing Chuns Reef

SUP shaper Todd Caranto has a surf session with Garrett McNamara's father-in-law, Carlos Macias, at Chuns Reef Beach on the North Shore on their new Pau Hana 8'6" Carve. Carlos Macias, prepares a coconut just to make new friends as the SUP surf session ends and their Pau Hana time begins.

Episode 3 - Grinds at “The Spot”

SUP shaper Todd Caranto meets Jerry at "The Spot," a local food stop on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii where he enjoys grinds and a beautiful sunset. Jerry tells Todd how the community protested a giant mall being built and ended up putting food trucks there instead. Between the great food, the amazing sunset, and the location at a heavy traffic area, "The Spot" is the perfect stop for the hungry travelers and locals alike.

Episode 4 - Surfing Sunset with Carlos

SUP shaper Todd Caranto and Carlos Macias wax up their boards to catch some waves at Sunset beach. After hearing from Carlos that the wave may look nice, but it has more punch to it then it looks like, Todd tests it out for himself. Afterwards, they chill out by strutting a bit on a ukulele.

Episode 5 - Jerry’s Pizzeria

SUP shaper Todd Caranto meets some friends at a local pizzeria where they enjoy live music, pizza, and hot wings. Carlos and Jake display their talents at eating hot wings in as small amount of bites as possible.

About Pau Hana

Pau Hana Surf Supply is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative stand up paddle boards for every SUP lifestyle. Pau Hana means the “Time after work” and it’s all about the spirit of play. We’re dedicated to the craft, to the sport, and to serving our customers with aloha.

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