Jessica & Del Talk Fitness, Diet, Gear & Technique

Del DaSilva & Jessica Rando at the SupConnect studio September 2012.



ONTARIO, Canada - As a continuation of the SUP Tips from Top Paddlers Webisode Series by SupConnect check out this great interview with Jessica Rando and Del DaSilva.  They share insight about their personal careers, the SUP scene in Canada, the Gear they use, thoughts on technique and tips on their diet.



Jessica comes from a Sprint Canoe (C1) background where she trained in that aspect of paddling for 12 years. After she stopped competing in C1 she picked up SUP and has been racing and competing for the last two years.  She said that one of the most challenging aspects of moving from C1 to SUP is that she has had to get familiar with paddling on both sides of her body because C1 is a one sided paddling sport. Jessica is also the owner and founder of NuMe Fitness.  Del DaSilva comes from a variety of paddle sports in his background.  He has participated in marathon canoe, sprint canoe, kayak and outrigger.  However, once he started SUP, he's never looked back. 


Canadian SUP Scene:

Together Jessica and Del are very involved in the Canadian SUP scene.  They have seen a great deal of growth with Stand Up Paddle in Canada and said that it is possible to find a race just about every weekend during the warmer season.  Some of the larger races are the Eastern Canadian Championships which is a downwind style of race, the Canada Cup SUP Race which is more of a Battle of the Paddle style, and the Summer SUP series which is a race series that takes place just about every other weekend.  



Both Jessica and Del ride the Boardworks Surf M&M (Morrelli & Melvin).  They both feel that the low profile M&M nose really helps slice through the wind driven waves they deal with on the Great Lakes.  They also feel that the board is easy to pivot which really helps in technical races like the battle of the paddle.  Jessica also commented on her blade size and paddle length.  Watch the video above for details.


Technique & Diet:

Jessica mentioned that her paddle stroke has altered and shortened for SUP as compared to her C1 days and that the paddle blade typically comes out of the water around her feet to make sure she doesn't shovel around a lot of water.  Diet and exercise are also a part of their Daily routine and both Jessica and Del really make an effort to consume organic, whole foods.  They also mentioned that staying hydrated and away from carbonated drinks is important for them.  Again, for more detail on what a typical daily diet is like for this dynamic duo, watch the video above.


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