How to Install Fins on the Board

Learn how to install your fin into your SUP with the help of Todd from Pau Hana SUP. Learn how to install your fin into your SUP with the help of Todd from Pau Hana SUP.

SANTA CLARITA, California - If you’ve never installed a fin into a stand up paddle board it can be a bit tricky to figure out. With screws and tools needed with most fin sets it can seem like a complicated process but fear not, the team at Pau Hana SUP have created a simple tutorial on how to install your fin. In the video below, Todd Caranto, board designer at Pau Hana, shows how to correctly install a fin and not lose the screw.

Before you begin, be sure that you have:

  • Fin
  • Square Washer
  • Screw



  1. Get your square washer and insert it into the track.
  2. Get your fin and find the little metal dow and slip that into the track and slide the fin to the desired location and match the hole in the fin with the washer.
  3. Once the two holes are lined up, take the screw and begin to screw in the fin.
  4. Once you feel the screw start to tighten, you just need to do a couple more turns with the screwdriver — you don’t need to over tighten.

To see the full video tutorial with a few extra tips and tricks, watch the video below.

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