Body Detoxing: How Can Paddling Help?

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The big question, “How can paddling help in body detoxing? Can it really benefit for detoxification?” Keep reading and learn why you must incorporate paddleboarding in your list of workouts for body detoxification.

Paddle Boarding Health Benefits

Paddle boarding, a full body workout, offers a host of health benefits. In this exercise, almost all the muscles are activated and used. Due to the balance needed, your legs will work harder to stabilize the center of gravity and your shoulders, arms and back propel the board. On the other hand, the abdominal, back and core muscles maintain your balance constantly.

Overall, standup paddling increases your strength with the full body workout it gives. With the workout, your heart and lungs also work hard, eventually reducing stress due to the release of body toxins causing it. Speaking of stress reduction, the water also naturally soothes your body and senses with every stroke you make. The action melts the stress away, while letting you connect with nature.

Studies show that paddleboarding also has a positive impact on mental health. And as it is a social and outgoing activity, board paddling helps you release stress because it lets you chat alongside other board paddlers. It’s also a great workout to lose weight by burning more calories than other sports do because it combines balance, endurance, core and strength elements in the workout.

Bottom line, standup paddle boarding is a great full body workout to get in shape, reduce stress, socialize and detoxify through a low impact exercise that does not harm the joints and knees.

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Paddleboarding helps with mental and physical health. | Photos: Shutterstock

Detoxing Methods

Apart from a low impact exercise like paddle boarding to detoxify the body by releasing stress and toxins, there are also detoxing methods you can do to further your results.

  • Sleep well and enough. One thing to help in a detoxifying sleep includes using lavender or Epsom salt in your bath.
  • Practice mindful (and slow) eating. Eat without distractions to give your brain enough time to recognize you’re full and to signal you to stop when you are.
  • Drink pure, filtered water, hot lemon or herbal tea in the morning. Also, keep your body hydrated to flush toxins out your body.
  • Avoid trigger foods, including gluten, sugar and caffeine because they can negatively affect your digestive system and drain your energy.
  • Manage stress. A few helpful ways include practicing yoga, meditating or doing low impact exercises, such as SUP.
  • Eat whole foods. Choose fresh and in-season fruits and vegetables and organic turkey or chicken.

There you have the ways on how to detox without strict diets and hard to follow rules. Nevertheless, you can notice that these methods are all about having a healthy lifestyle to do through stress management and other ways mentioned.

Paddleboarding Benefits for Body Detoxing

body detoxing 1SUP Yoga is a great way to detox. | Photo: Shutterstock

Paddleboarding helps body detoxing. It is a low impact exercise like yoga that helps you release stress and detoxify the body. Exercise like it also helps your body organs function well because they can get going due to proper blood and lymph circulation. With more blood circulating in your system, the more the lymph nodes and the liver can perform well in purifying the lymph and the blood.

Exercise reduces the subcutaneous fatty tissue where toxins are stored. When you paddle consistently, you can reduce these fatty tissues, eliminating more toxins out your body. And if you’re having a detox diet, your digestive system will also work well if you consistently and regularly exercise. Also, you breathe deeply when you exercise. As this happens, sufficient oxygen also circulates through the blood going to your brain and muscles.

On the other hand, the lungs increase its capacity with a stronger heart. Exercise also helps flush out toxins through the skin when you sweat. By sweating while paddling, you release more toxins out your body.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to get the most of your detoxification goals, include exercises like standup paddle boarding on your activity list. It can help in releasing toxins, reducing stress, getting into shape and optimizing the functions of your organs, including the lungs, heart and liver. And, the more you exercise, the more benefits you will get from detox.

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