5 Things To Make Your SUP Yoga Classes Covid Safe

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The start of summer in the northern hemisphere also marks the start of a new SUP Yoga season. After months in lockdown, nothing sounds more enticing than jumping straight back on board and enjoying the fresh air while practicing your favorite SUP Yoga poses!

Depending on where you are in the world, your country’s government might have started easing the restrictions. New rules and regulations are set in place to navigate us safely through this global pandemic. Welcome to our new normal!

How can we apply all these new regulations to SUP Yoga classes to ensure health and safety in the face of COVID19? It doesn’t matter whether you are a SUP Yoga enthusiast or a SUP Yoga teacher - here are five things to stay safe and healthy while on board!

1. Familiarize yourself with your government’s rules and local restrictions

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First of all, make sure you are allowed to use your usual SUP Yoga location with your local authority. Think about your group number as you might need to make adjustments according to your location (pool vs. open water) and your governments social distancing rules. You might also stay away from Acro Yoga until restrictions are further lifted.

2. Plan your class in advance

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If you are a SUP Yoga teacher, the biggest thing to consider is the number of your class size to ensure you are complying to your country’s social distancing rules. You might need to change up your usual anchoring system according to these regulations. Double check you have all the gear at hand you might need – extra rope, additional weights and anchors etc. This also means changing your usual board formation and having all the equipment needed for that ready to go. Supply enough hand sanitizer, so your participants can clean their hands prior to touching any equipment. Also make sure you, as an instructor, wash your hands regularly. Pack enough equipment for everyone to avoid sharing equipment. Don’t forget to pack the waiver forms and participant tracking forms and some pens, which will need to be sanitized after.

3. Ensure your participants comply to the rules

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If you are a natural hugger, this will be hard: Please greet your participants according to the social distancing rules. How about an elbow check instead? Kindly remind them that if they are feeling unwell with flu like symptoms to stay home. Make them use the sanitizer provided before signing the waiver and touching the equipment. Your participant will also be required to provide their names and contact details in case tracing is required. Inform them about the no equipment sharing policy and check that they are able to carry their own equipment. Due to social distancing, you might be further away from your group than usual, double check if your participants if they can hear you and your cues when on the water.

4. Practice good hygiene with your equipment

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Clean your equipment thoroughly with warm soapy water after use to remove any organic matter from the surface and to get it ready for disinfection. Make sure you wear gloves when handling harsher chemicals. Double check that these chemicals won’t harm your equipment either, there is nothing worse than erosion!

5. Enjoy your SUP Yoga class

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These are extraordinary times. Be kind, look out for each other and show compassion. And most importantly: Take care of yourself. It’s been a while since we were able to do what we love doing. By considering the points mentioned above we will be able to make it through these challenging times!

If you wish to learn more about COVID19 safety plan for SUP Yoga, please visit the website of The International SUP Yoga Academy. Sign up and get access to free SUP Yoga education resources to support safe SUP Yoga practices worldwide!

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