SUP's Saddened at Noosa Heads

One of Noosa’s stand up watermen credited with bringing a surfing revolution to Australia is set to paddle off into the sunset after his successful business was rejected.

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Big Island to Host SUP World Tour Finals

The Waterman League is proud to announce that the Island of Hawaii, otherwise known as the Big Island, will host the climactic Finals of the Stand Up World Tour for 2010.

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New Film Explores Watermen's Life

Oxbow's latest movie production that combines Surfing, SUP, Tow-in and Windsurfing Watch the exclusive showings of The Oxbow Watermen Experience.

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Stephane Etienne Wins at Gran Canaria

Last September 18th & 19th Stephane Etienne won the very first wave SUP Spanish championship event in Gran canaria la Cicer beach in the Canaries islands.

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SUP Surf Contest in Puerto Escondido

Standup paddle surf contest went down in one of the world's heaviest waves, Puerto Escondido, Mexico. Waves were well in the head-high range and standup paddle surfers had to execute surgically precise turns to make through the barrel sections.

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Pool-Wave SUP Contest in South Africa

When ancient Hawaiians first started stand up paddle surfing, never in their wildest dreams would they have imagined their traditional sport being performed on a man- made wave in the middle of South Africa.

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SUP Surfers Ride Tidal Bore

A group of Stand Up Paddle Surfers rode the bore tide along the Turnagain Arm near the Seward Highway on Friday September 10, 2010 with the Kenai Mountains in the background.

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Duke's Ocean Festival in Hawaii

The welcoming waves and aqua waters of Waikiki offer a Hawaiian respite to ocean fans around the world starting today, through Saturday, as the annual Duke's OceanFest commences live broadcast of its ocean sports events.

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Australia's First Womens SUP Champion

Australian surfing history was created at the Country Energy Australian Surf Festival in Port Macquarie today, with the first ever open women’s stand up paddleboard champion.

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Chuck Glynn Wins Oceanside SUP Contest

On August 14th and 15th, stand up paddle surfers from southern California converged south of the Oceanside Pier in San Diego, CA for a round of competitive sup’ing, as the sports enthusiasts would put it.

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Epic Artificial Stand Up Paddle Wave

The Coreban team was not only invited to stand up paddle the artificial wave at Sun City, but also ride it. When we first heard about the African man-made wave hundreds of miles from the nearest coastline our thoughts were obviously mixed with different images.

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