Boardworks Releases Free SUP Moves Movie!

Get the Free Movie Download, practice the sup moves yourself, and submit yours for the 2012 Contest. Jay Wild going for an in-and-out move on a Boardworks EPX SUP board model.

ENCINITAS, California – Boardworks is excited to announce that it's giving away a free tool that stand up paddlers world wide can use to learn more and have more fun.  It's a free movie download of the best SUP moves in the industry to date.  With names like Anthony Vela, Dino Tassara, Noah Yap and Mike Harvey in the mix, everyone can get fired up about learning from this exclusive collection of the best and adding a new trick or two to their repertoire.

In recent months Boardworks conducted the 2011 "What's Your Move?" Contest.  Paddlers from all over the world submitted some of their most daring, creative and fun stand up paddleboard moves to compete for the title of the best SUP move.  Some were new and original moves while others were tried and true but were displayed to a level of perfection.  The winners received prizes like a new Boardworks Shubu SUP Board, Paddle, team hoody and team hat.  The contest was a hit but what's even more exciting is that now anyone can enjoy watching these SUP moves over and over again!

To get a free copy of the best SUP moves collection, simply visit the Boardworks Surf Facebook Page and click on the "Free Movie Download" tab.  Within minutes a copy will be yours.  There will be moves on flatwater and in swimming pools to big surf and whitewater with challenges that paddlers at all different levels of experience can appreciate.  Try them out for yourself and get ready for the next "What's your Move?" contest 2012.  Perfect some from the movie or maybe they will inspire you to create a new move of your own!

Get the Free Movie Download, practice the sup moves and submit your best tricks for the 2012 "What's Your Move" Contest! Submit entries to [email protected]

About Boardworks Surf:

Boardworks Surf are passionate about all things to do with the water lifestyle. Their goal is to share that passion, promote respect for the planet, it’s creatures and one another and to make stand up paddle and surfing more fun for more people.  Boardworks represents some of the best shapers in the world and bring their premier SUP and Surf models to the global water community.  They manufacture with proprietary construction technologies and  provide products that people of all different skill levels can enjoy. Their SUP brands include Paddle Surf Hawaii, Rusty, Infinity, Badfish, Ohana, Dennis Pang, Morrelli and Melvin. The surf brands include Hynson, Von Sol, Aipa, Kane Garden, Dewey Weber, Bruce Jones and more.

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