SUP Tips: Nutrition & Recovery

Alex Mauer gives advice for stand up paddlers looking to improve their nutrition, maximize performance and minimize recovery time between workouts and races.

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Jessica & Del Talk Fitness, Diet, Gear & Technique

As a continuation of the SUP Tips from Top Paddlers Webisode Series by SupConnect check out this great interview with Jessica Rando and Del DaSilva.  They share insight about their personal careers, the SUP scene in Canada, the Gear they use, ·thoughts on technique and tips on their diet.

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Danny Ching Shares Amazing SUP Tips on Webisode

Danny Ching does a live webisode and shares amazing tips and techniques for more efficient paddling and best equipment to make your paddling experience even more productive!  Photo courtesy of Jesse Lora

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New Webisode Series: SUP Tips From Top Paddlers!

It’s time for Supconnect’s amazing new webisode series featuring some of your favorite paddlers from all over the globe who will talk about Gear, How to SUP Tips, Fitness, Health and Exercise.  Read more to see who the tips are coming from!

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Jamie Mitchell Talks Fitness, Diet, Gear and Technique

Supconnect recently conducted an interview on the "Supconnect Live" webcast in HD with Jamie Mitchell, one of the worlds best prone paddlers of all time, who has also had a profound impact on the Stand Up Paddle world. ·He shared insight from his vast experience on several topics that will definitely be of interest to paddlers around the world.

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10 Common Mistakes by the First Time SUP Racer

Sometimes as individuals become familiar with stand up paddle, they are very excited about the idea of racing and can get a little ahead of themselves as they venture out into their first event.  Read on to uncover 10 common mistakes that are made by the first time SUP racer which will help you avoid them!

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Connor Baxter on Training, Drafting, Stroke & Paddles

Just before the Battle of the Paddle 2012 Connor Baxter paid a visit to the Supconnect Headquarters to be a part of the Supconnect Live Show.  He shared his thoughts on training, drafting, stroke & paddles!  Watch and read about his tips and insight!

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EJ Johnson on Pre-Race Diet, Interval Training & More

Ernest Johnson, also known as EJ Johnson, is one of the pioneering stand up paddle (sup) boarders who helped popularize sup racing and turn it into the competitive discipline that it is today. EJ Johnson, formerly from Dana Point and now from San Diego, California, brings a highly diversified (and fascinating!) background to the sport of stand up paddling.

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Should Stand Up Paddle Drafting Be Allowed?

Drafting has become an integral part of sports such as cycling and stock car racing. With the emergence of stand up paddle racing, drafting has become a controversial topic with arguments on both sides of the fence.

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The Plunge Stroke Shocks Sup World

With the fast growth of the sport, stand up paddle boarding is raising lots of questions, especially internally when it comes to sup racing. Most recently, there were lots of controversies surrounding the stroke technique employed by Jim Terrell and Dan Gavere during the Silver Regatta Race at the Olympic Training Center on April 23, 2011.

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