Paddle Boarding Mo'orea, Tahiti

 This next section of the Facing Waves series takes us through some of the more relaxed paddling spots in Tahiti, which happen to be inhabited by a few of the island's more exotic and creepy locals - the rays and reef sharks. Watch and enjoy.

Facing Waves In Tahiti With BIC SUP

BIC Sport is proud and very stoked to share the Paddle Board segment from Facing Waves, a series featuring the lovely Nikki Gregg and Jimmy Blakeney in Tahiti.

Supconnect Recognizes Best SUPers in the World

In 2010 Supconnect began the very first stand up paddle awards to recognize those who contributed the most and performed at the highest levels in the sport. ·This year marks the third annual Supconnect Awards and the motivation behind them remains the same.

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Nikki Gregg Launches Starboard SUP Fitness Model

Nikki Gregg released her Starboard stand up paddleboard fitness model just in time for Spring and Summer. With an extensive background in fitness and as one of the fountainheads of workouts on paddleboards, Gregg has developed a paddleboard that meets the various needs of those working out atop the water.

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SUP River Ferry with Nikki Gregg


Why did the stand up paddle board cross the river? Not sure why, but Nikki Gregg can tell us how in this instructional video showing us the proper and safe technique to use when ferrying a SUP across the river.

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SUP Fitness With Nikki Gregg

Nikki Gregg, fitness professional and elite SUP competitor, shows us how to safely and effectively transform our bodies and reap the health benefits of stand up paddling while having fun in her Stand Up Paddle Fitness video.

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ET SUP Program: Strength and Reach

HOOD RIVER, Oregon – It takes time to improve the strength-endurance needed for longer paddle sessions, but one thing you can change almost immediately is your technique.

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Whitewater SUP Safety From a Wahine

With all the dangers involved in whitewater SUP, some may wonder what pleasure is found in this unique discipline of the sport.· River running can be deeply rewarding and is both physically and mentally challenging.

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How to Be Safe in the Rapids on SUP

The world’s first casualties of standup paddling took place on a river, highlighting the exceptional dangers posed by running fresh water.

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