Nikki Gregg Launches Starboard SUP Fitness Model

Nikki Gregg talks about her Starboard Fitness Model and the features that were built into it.


SAN DIEGO, California – If you want to take your workout outside of the gym and onto the water, Nikki Gregg has developed a stand up paddle board just for you. With a fairly lightweight construction, the board can be easily handlded in and out of the house and off and on the car, plus it offers myriad workout-specific features.


The board has a soft deck to make your fitness time on the board all the more comfortable, without having to worry about purching another item to soften your contact with the board. Also, with the multiple bungy system, the Nikki Gregg paddleboard allows for plenty of storage, including towels, hydration packs, and such. And if you wonder what to do with the paddle while sweating away your calories, don't worry. The NG board has a special system for your paddle, ensuring that your paddle doesn't drift away while also boosting your board's stability.


For more details, visit http://star-board-sup.com/


Last modified onThursday, 21 March 2013 02:18

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