12th Annual SEA Paddle NYC Set For August

If you’re a stand-up paddler, you have just 7 weeks left to register for what is arguably one of the most exciting race events of the year! On Saturday, August 11, the Surfers’ Environmental Alliance (SEA) will host its twelfth annual SEA Paddle NYC, a grueling 25-mile event that attracts elite athletes and covers the dangerous waters circling Manhattan…all for charity.

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WETSOX Makes a Splash in the Cold-Water Surf World

If you've worn a wetsuit before, you know what a pain it can be to wriggle out of it when you're soaking wet, especially if your extremities are numb from icy water. Enter WETSOX, a thin, split-toe sock made from rashguard-like material that makes slipping in and out of your wetsuit and booties super easy.

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SUPLOGIX Study Of Elite Paddler Travis Grant

SUPLOGIX, a company dedicated to contribute to the progression of  stand up paddle boarding  through scientific study, conducted an electromyography (EMG) analysis of the forward stroke of Travis Grant.

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Paddle Board Journey in Long Island, New York

Supconnect contributor and community member, Evelyn O'Doherty, talks us through the finer points of Long Island's iconic paddle from Ditch Plains Beach to Montauk Lighthouse, giving some insider knowlege of the route's sights and fun facts.

Paddle Boarding East Hampton, Long Island

Tired of the hustle of the Big Apple? Take a ride out to East Hampton, located on the scenic shores of Long Island, for a leisurely stand up paddle session or a more challenging downwind run.

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Fire Paddle 2011

Sometimes people think they are crazy. Why travel half-way around the world to paddle for 24 days? But when Sydney firefighters and SUP lovers Ben Chalmers and Shane Austin tell their story, thoughts of crazy turn to impassioned support for their adventure.

Thomas Maximus Wins SEA Paddle NYC

After a grueling 28-mile race with unfavorable winds and tides, Thomas Maximus Shahinian won SEA Paddle NYC’s inaugural Elite Race on Friday, August 13.  Fifteen-year-old Slater Trout took second place and stand-up paddler Will Reichenstein finished third.

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