SUPLOGIX Study Of Elite Paddler Travis Grant


SUPLOGIX, a company dedicated to contribute to the progression of stand up paddle boarding through scientific study, instruction, product design and promotion of the health and fitness benefits of the sport has just come out with a study that was done with elite paddler Travis Grant.

On June 27, 2014, SUPLOGIX conducted an electromyography (EMG) analysis of the forward stroke of Travis Grant (FCS SUP). The EMG analysis took place at Pier 40 of the Hudson River in the embayment of the New York Kayak Company. The EMG analysis studied three separate areas; the trunk/core, the arms and the legs, and they also looked at muscle activation at three intensities - base pace, endurance and sprint.

The objective of this study was to help gain more insights on how, and what parts of the body are used when standup paddling, especially for the elite paddler. Travis paddled at cruising speeds as well as racing speeds to get all aspects of his muscle movement.

Watch the video above to get a synopsis of the whole study. To read about the study and to learn more, click here.


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