Does Length Matter?

Ivan van Vuuren shares some of his stand up paddle expertise with SUP Connect. Find out if the length of your SUP paddle really does matter. Hint: the answer isn't no.

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Rogue SUP Custom Stand Up Paddleboards

Rogue SUP launchs full line of custom stand up paddle boards for all kinds of conditions, from racing and downwind to surf and beyond. Boards are fully customized to paddlers specifications and designed to optimizing performance.

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Paddle Boarding The Netherlands

With all the water it has to offer, the Netherlands is a stand up paddlers dream and with blossoming tulip fields, stout windmills and wandering waterways, every glance is a frame-ready photograph.

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Two Men SUP the East Coast

After over 1,800 nautical miles, Mike Simpson and Will Rich have completed a truly epic stand up paddle journey. They have raised awareness and money for two great causes and have introduced the sport of SUP to countless individuals along the way.

The Wake Up Sup Show LIVE

The Wake Up Sup Show will be held Fridays at 12pm on Supconnect.com and anyone in the audience is welcome to call the show at 858.348.4495 or join the conversion via tweets with the #supconnectlive hashtag.

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Paddle Boarding Austin, Texas

Deep in the heart of Texas… there's a Stand Up Paddler's paradise.· Austin has been the capital of Texas for over 100 years, and the "Live Music Capitol" for as long as most can remember.· In the last three years Austin has also become the SUP capital of Texas.

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Paddle Boarding Playa Danta, Costa Rica

Playa Danta in the Las Catalinas community is poised to become a pre-eminent international stand up paddle destination. The Guanacaste coastline along the north west of Costa Rica is a dramatic and rich area that offers inspiring venues for all kinds of ocean water sports.

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Top 10 Sup Shapers of the Year 2010

The top 10 stand up paddle board sup shapers of the year were selected via a purely democratic process, from the nomination of shapers to the final crowning of the top finishers.

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Paddle Boarding Abruzzo, Italy

We had been dreaming for a while to go and stand up paddle (sup) in the highest lake of the Abruzzo region in Italy, looking at the Gran Sasso Mountains from a different perspective.

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FCS Stand Up Paddleboard Day Bag

FCS introduces a day-use bag, specifically designed for stand up paddleboards. A center handle on the middle of the bag solves much of the difficulty in carrying and handling your stand up paddleboard, whether it be a surfing, cross-over, or other types of sup boards.

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