Last Day of SupConnect Photo of the Year Contest

Currently the leader in the 2012 SupConnect SUP Photo of the Year Contest - Abaya and Kandoora, Submitted by Donna Masing




SAN DIEGO, California - It's the final countdown!  This is the last day to submit and vote on your favorite 2012 SUP photo.


Currently the leader is a photo titled "Abaya and Kandoora SUP" submitted by Donna Masing.  "Surf Dubai" wanted to show the world that they are a SUPing destination so they donned local Emirati dress and SUPed around the iconic Burj Al Arab, the world's 7 star hotel.  The paddle was a hit with locals and expats alike!


Remember that the picture with the most votes is not the only photo that will take honors, so please hurry and submit your best! Many of the top pictures will be recognized and the public vote along with judges favorites will determine who the final winners will be.  So don't leave this up to chance.  Help us spread the word and rally people to submit their pictures and cast those last votes throughout today!





After submitting a photo(s) into the contest the public will vote on their favorites.  Each person may vote one time on facebook but can also use the hashtag #SupPhoto2012 to earn more recognition on twitter and instagram.  The winners will be chosen based upon vote count and judges favorites.  The panel of judges will be comprised of paddleboard experts.  By submitting your photo(s), you automatically give your consent to have your photo(s) used in the 2013 SupConnect Calendar and other SupConnect promotional material.  Also by submitting a photo, you thereby acknowledge that you have full copyrights over the image and its content and grant SupConnect the copyrights necessary for the purposes aforementioned.


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