Finding The Right Board For You!

Need help choosing the right board for you?  Bob Long, owner of West Coast Paddle Sports has some great advice, check it out!

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Danny Ching Shares Amazing SUP Tips on Webisode

Danny Ching does a live webisode and shares amazing tips and techniques for more efficient paddling and best equipment to make your paddling experience even more productive!  Photo courtesy of Jesse Lora

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SUP’ing With Your Furry Friend

One of the great things about flatwater paddling is that you don’t have to leave your furry best friend behind.· A lot of avid paddlers bring along their dogs and in some cases their cats!  Click "Read More" below to watch a super fun video of one owner and Shred Dog!

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Why SUP? What Are the Benefits?

Instead of asking yourself what are the benefits of SUP’ing, you will need to ask yourself what aren’t the benefits of SUP’ing?  A few answers about why people should SUP are here.

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10 Common Mistakes by the First Time SUP Racer

Sometimes as individuals become familiar with stand up paddle, they are very excited about the idea of racing and can get a little ahead of themselves as they venture out into their first event.  Read on to uncover 10 common mistakes that are made by the first time SUP racer which will help you avoid them!

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How to Paddle Board - Ask Your Questions

Ask your "how to" stand up paddle board questions and we'll consult with the world's best stand up paddle boarders to help answer them. With the growth of the sport introducing many newbies to paddle boarding, we believe we can do a lot more to educate the public, increase water safety, and help people avoid injury while getting healthier and fitter through stand up paddling. 

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10 Ways to Get Into Shape for SUP Racing

Recently Supconnect asked many of the top racers in stand up paddling how they train and get in shape for the biggest SUP races of the year.  While their answers varried there were a few things that we heard more than once.

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JAX Trailer Makes Debut on the SUP World

Are you a paddler who is tired of of transporting your SUP board on your head?  It is difficult to use the awkward handle every time you walk out to the water? If yes, the Jax Trailer can help and is ready to make a big difference.

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Choosing Your Paddle Length

The wrong paddle length can affect your balance, board control, speed, and can lead to shoulder and back pain.  Find out how to choose the correct paddle length for you.

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5 Great SUP Vacations

Do you find yourself staring longingly at glossy photos of ordinary people paddling in extraordinary locations?  Are you yearning to embark on your own SUP travel adventure but don’t know where to start?  Here’s a list of five exceptional and unique SUP getaway destinations and accommodations.

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Great News About "How To" Stand Up Paddle

Stand up paddle boarding is the fastest growing sport in the outdoor world.  This is why Supconnect is excited to share some great news about learning "How To" SUP.

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You Know That You Are Addicted To SUP When...

With Stand up Paddle being one of the world's fastest growing sports, it just makes sense that we keep hearing so many new paddlers say that they're "addicted".  But, how do you know if your're truly addicted?

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