5 Benefits of Using The SUP Ergometer

MIAMI BEACH, Florida - As winter wraps its icy fingers around most of the country’s inland SUP destinations, paddlers need to look elsewhere for ways to stay fit until it warms up. Hitting the gym a few times a week is a great way to keep yourself sharp during the off-season, but a traditional workout often feels like a cheap substitute for the real thing - we’re craving a paddle. Kayak Pro have just introduced the SUP Ergometer, which has spurred on the indoor SUPtheWorkOut program - a low intensity/high impact routine that takes paddling indoors and provides the most realistic alternative out there. This week we’re looking at 5 Benefits of getting on the SUPtheWorkOut program.

#5. Conditions Are Perfect 365 Days A Year

While there’s absolutely no topping a paddle in nature, at least this indoor substitute isn’t limited by cold weather, wind, rain or snow. The SUP ergo can be used anytime - day or night, hot or cold, for ten minutes or two hours.

#4. It’s A Low Impact Workout


SUP the workout places an emphasis on core stabilization, the origin of all human movement. There’s no jarring friction on your knees, ankles or shoulders, making it accessible to people who are nursing injuries or looking for a way to keep fit without the risk of inflaming old injuries.

#3. It’s A Serious Workout
Just because you’ve got an injury or you’re being careful, it doesn’t mean you’re not going to sweat. The SUP Ergometer burns an average of 650 calories per hour and can reach 900 depending on the muscular capacity and size of the person. The longer you paddle, the more endurance you’ll build, adding to your preparation for the next summer. Athletes can also monitor their fitness and progress with the aide of the on-board console and its digital data feedback.

#2. High Accessibility
One of the biggest things that makes people nervous about trying SUP for the first time is a fear of water and its accompanying elements. SUPtheworkout eliminates the fear factor for people who don't feel comfortable trying a new sport on the water, making their introduction to outdoor stand up paddling all the more enjoyable and in certain cases (for people who don't know how to swim) even possible.

#1. Realistic SUP Simulation

The SUP Ergometer fosters good technique and technique improvement. Through the realistic realistic instability platform, it builds same muscles you use paddling.

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