Why SUP? What Are the Benefits?

Instead of asking yourself what are the benefits of SUP’ing, you will need to ask yourself what aren’t the benefits of SUP’ing?  A few answers about why people should SUP are here.

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10 Common Mistakes by the First Time SUP Racer

Sometimes as individuals become familiar with stand up paddle, they are very excited about the idea of racing and can get a little ahead of themselves as they venture out into their first event.  Read on to uncover 10 common mistakes that are made by the first time SUP racer which will help you avoid them!

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Choosing Your Paddle Length

The wrong paddle length can affect your balance, board control, speed, and can lead to shoulder and back pain.  Find out how to choose the correct paddle length for you.

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5 Great SUP Vacations

Do you find yourself staring longingly at glossy photos of ordinary people paddling in extraordinary locations?  Are you yearning to embark on your own SUP travel adventure but don’t know where to start?  Here’s a list of five exceptional and unique SUP getaway destinations and accommodations.

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You Know That You Are Addicted To SUP When...

With Stand up Paddle being one of the world's fastest growing sports, it just makes sense that we keep hearing so many new paddlers say that they're "addicted".  But, how do you know if your're truly addicted?

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Paddle Boarding Venice, Italy

Stand up paddleboarding in Venice, Italy combines a world of cultures, giving you a chance to paddle alongside Gondoliers, locals, and a deep heritage. A group of local gondoliers are now fully embracing stand up paddle boarding and presenting the flooded city from a whole different and unique vantage point. 

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10 SUP Mistakes Made by Rookies

Because Stand up Paddle is such a new sport and growing like wildfire, there are many new faces to the scene each and every day. While this is completely fantastic and very exciting, it does open the door to many rookie mistakes.

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Paddle Boarding East Hampton, Long Island

Tired of the hustle of the Big Apple? Take a ride out to East Hampton, located on the scenic shores of Long Island, for a leisurely stand up paddle session or a more challenging downwind run.

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Paddle Boarding Puget Sound, Seattle

Puget Sound offers pristine stand up paddle opportunities and to those paddlers willing to brave inclement weather, the waterways are often free of crowds.

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Does Length Matter?

Ivan van Vuuren shares some of his stand up paddle expertise with SUP Connect. Find out if the length of your SUP paddle really does matter. Hint: the answer isn't no.

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Paddle Boarding The Netherlands

With all the water it has to offer, the Netherlands is a stand up paddlers dream and with blossoming tulip fields, stout windmills and wandering waterways, every glance is a frame-ready photograph.

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Paddle Boarding Austin, Texas

Deep in the heart of Texas… there's a Stand Up Paddler's paradise.· Austin has been the capital of Texas for over 100 years, and the "Live Music Capitol" for as long as most can remember.· In the last three years Austin has also become the SUP capital of Texas.

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