You Know That You Are Addicted To SUP When...

SUP is one of the world's fastest growing sports!


With Stand up Paddle being one of the world's fastest growing sports, it just makes sense that we keep hearing so many new paddlers say that they're "addicted".  This addiction is then obviously being passed on to many more new paddlers, which in turn is why SUP is growing at such a rapid pace!  But, how do you know if your're truly addicted? Well, we've come up with a few ideas.  Take a look and then it will be your turn to keep the list going!


You know that you are addicted to SUP when...

you dream about it night and day.

you run out of the door after work to make sure you get your paddle in and stay out long after dark.

your spouse or significant other asks you to talk about something else for a change.

you find yourself making SUP inventions to give you a SUP fix indoors when the weather is bad.

you go paddle in sub zero weather and still feel warm and cozy inside from the stoke.

you have to be called in off the water because you've been out all day and forgot to eat.

you've been on the water once but start renting boards & invite everyone you know to come out for a tour.

your facebook friends start asking you to share posts about the weather and politics instead.

you lose 15 pounds in a month.

you're smooth in the water but have a spring in your step on land.

you record and critique your stroke technique.

you borrow your friends board so often that they finally just give it to you.

you paddle countess days and thousands of miles just because.

you move to a tropical location and start your own stand up paddle board business.

the waves you ride just keep getting bigger and bigger.

you join a race or event every weekend.

your most recent nickname came from friends in the industry.

you test yourself in the flume.

you sleep with your paddle.

the spirit of aloha exudes from you.

What can you add to our list?  You know that you are addicted to SUP when...


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