Why SUP? What Are the Benefits?

Dina Matthews at Glacier National Park, Submitted by Tom Scilacci to Supconnect


SAN DIEGO, California - Instead of asking yourself what are the benefits of SUP’ing, you will need to ask yourself what aren’t the benefits of SUP’ing.


There are so many great reasons, but the first one should be the most obvious, exercise.· Even if you’re enjoying a nice relaxing day on flatwater, SUP’ing offers a very good workout.· You use your core for stability, your arms for paddling and your legs also for stability.  It's a full body workout.


Second, any kind of workout is good for you but the advantage of SUP’ing is that you’re outside enjoying nature and releasing those all-important endorphins.  There's jusst something about the out doors that can really rejuvenate people.


Finally, there are also the fun and social aspects of SUP.· SUP’ing at times does not even feel like a workout but fun, especially if you’re paddling with friends.· It can also be a very social sport if you want it to be.· There are many meet-up groups that have specified times and get together at different spots to SUP on a regular basis.· It’s a great way to get to meet new people and make new friends!!


So, what are you waiting for? ·Get out and SUP!


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