Why Female Paddlers Need SlipIns

Zippered Mini's are one of the more popular styles of SlipIns. | Photo: SlipIns Zippered Mini's are one of the more popular styles of SlipIns. | Photo: SlipIns

SAN DIEGO, California - Seasons, weather, and locations may change but one thing that should be a constant in any female stand up paddler’s set of gear should be a SlipIn Surfskin. Here’s why:

1. Sun Protection

Although sunshine is always desired weather for stand up paddling, you never want to get over exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. Awesomely enough, SlipIns help to protect you from those harmful rays and have a 60+ UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating.

2. Perfect for Any Condition

SlipIns are great for any condition of paddling. Whether you’re into yoga, racing, surfing or just cruising around SlipIns work in every variety of paddle boarding. All styles are extremely versatile and are great for all paddling avenues. They even work great under wetsuits and help you get in and out of your wetsuit with ease! And don’t worry about getting the SlipIns wet, they are designed for both water and land activities and dry very quickly.

slipin surfskin sup 2 slipin surfskin sup 4

SlipIns are great for any discipline of SUP. | Photos: SlipIns

slipin surfskin sup 33. Tons of Styles

SlipIns have a ton of different styles that suit a variety of fashion tastes. From the DiveSkins that are full body coverage to GymSkins which are the combo of leggings and crop tops to the zippered minis there is sure to be a style that calls to your fashion sense and what you’re comfortable wearing. The many different styles offered are great for your avenue of paddling whether it be for SUP surfing, yoga and fitness, and more.

4. Fashionable & Fun Fabrics

The fabrics to choose from when getting your SlipIns are flirty, fun and fashion-forward. With over a dozen of different fabrics to choose from with your favorite style there’s sure to be something that fits your unique personal fashion-sense.

5. Comfortable

SlipIns are extremely comfortable and really feel like a second-skin. The fabrics are lightweight and they are meant to be functional and are there to help support your musculature for more successful and effective exercise sessions.

SlipIns are designed to make you “look as good as you feel” while getting the best and most stylish sun protection. They are comfortable and work for every paddling discipline that you’re taking part in. To learn more and pick out your favorite SlipIn style, click HERE.

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