SUP Training for Older Paddlers

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I have always been a workout person, but since I turned 80, my workouts have become more consistent. Most of my workouts are to prepare me for Paddle Battle SUP/Kayak Race in July. It is put on by Long Island Aquarium in Riverhead, New York.

Interval training is the best training to become faster in any sport. But, in this case we will call it Interval SUPing. It will build up strength and stamina to help you paddle faster and farther without a break. To do it, paddle at a moderate pace for 15 or 20 minutes, then sprint as hard as you can for ten or 20 strokes; and, then do it again for an hour or two. The results of interval paddling are amazing.

Stand up paddling gives you a full-body, core workout. You are constantly balancing on the SUP and putting stress on most muscle groups. Your legs get stronger from balancing; your shoulders, arms and chest get stronger if you do a proper stroke: Rotate your body; don’t pull the paddle with your arms.

For summertime upper- body strengthening for SUPing, swim a prone board while keeping your chest and shoulders up as long as you can. Try balancing on your stomach. Swim non-stop for 1 hour.

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Here is my off-season SUP workout. I do most things at least 5 days a week:

1) Whip battle rope 100 times thrice daily (except when it’s frozen). It’s okay if it’s wet, just heavier.
2) Fast walk around the block. It’s 6/10 of a mile. Then do #1 and #2 again, and again later.
3) Pushups (100) on chair arms at a 30 degree angle. Since I had both rotator cuffs repaired, regular pushups are too stressful on my old body. (Regular pushups: You lift 75% of your body weight.)
4) “Swim” a 25” diameter exercise ball 100 to 200 strokes. Use breast strokes and crawl strokes.
5) Shake a 4’ Classic Bodyblade in different positions for ½ hour. Use a 5’ Bodyblade to get stronger.
6) Do squats on flat top of a Bosu Ball while holding a 20 pound weight or while shaking a Bodyblade.
7) Do the plank, high position or low (forearm) position at least ten minutes a week.
8) Balance on your butt in the V-Sit position as long as you can. Go 75 degrees left and 75 right, also.
9) Stand back to a wall. Sit down on an imaginary chair. Hold for 30 seconds. Stand up and do it again.

Summation: Don’t forget interval training. You will see the results. I’ll see you at Paddle Battle.

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